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  1. Ghostbird

    OCs what's first?

    Interesting to hear! Music inspires me alot.
  2. Ghostbird

    OCs what's first?

    Appearence or personality? I have characters personality first and then make a character that expresses it visuallly. Just wondering if any one else does this?
  3. Ghostbird

    For those comfortable and who experienced it, I'd love some advice regarding writing a (clinically) depressed character

    I'll share one of my OCs Martin Saint Marten, 54 year old twice divorced combat veteran with PTSD. Generally surly and unpleasant. Pushes people away for fear of them finding out what a sad, miserable SOB he is. Runs a convenience store which is always spotless and metculosly organized...
  4. Ghostbird

    So...I started doing snfw art and I noticed

    Lol moar kink = moar views
  5. Ghostbird

    So...I started doing snfw art and I noticed

    Smutt ahead then! It is fun to draw >_>
  6. Ghostbird

    So...I started doing snfw art and I noticed

    The views on my gallery increased dramaticly...not sure what to make of this lol
  7. Ghostbird

    What is your favorite dog breed?

    Pit bull. I LOVE them, grew up with them. They dont deserve so much hate.
  8. Ghostbird

    Good Stand-alone Drawing Tablet?

    I have a samsung galaxy tab A with S-pen. Got it for $90. I use Autodesk Sketchbook, it think it was about $5 for the pro version of the app.
  9. Ghostbird

    Exotic pets

    Depends on what you think is hard to do...research ALOT if you want an exotic pet. Also, depending on where you live some are illeagal.
  10. Ghostbird

    What say to birb friend? Help

    I prefer the term "avian american"
  11. Ghostbird

    2020 Bingo

    Is an essential worker...spent more time working then usual
  12. Ghostbird

    Traumatizing movie scenes you remember from childhood?

    When I was a kid I remember my dad watching this insane, scary movie. I barely remember details of it because I must have been about 5 at the time. "You smell burning flesh, this is the smell of your mother" was one of the lines. It then showed a dead old woman in a house fire. "The sky is...