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  1. GlassesSnakeMD

    show me pics of your fursona!

    I really like this one, because it shows her in her day to day life rather than some of the more risque or glamorous stuff I've depicted her doing. Credit goes to Llythium-art
  2. GlassesSnakeMD

    How did you come up with your fursona’s name?

    Her original name was Dr. Fredrick Johnson (no idea where I got that name from), so when she became a naga, I changed her first name to Frieda. Of course, now I know how ridiculous that name sounds, but it's been too deeply internalized for me to change now. She sometimes goes by Freddie. I...
  3. GlassesSnakeMD

    Anyone want to share how they came up with their fursona?

    I blame the hype around XCOM 2's release and stumbling upon the wonderful world of commissioned artwork. Back in 2014, I had wanted to write a story about a male scientist abducted by ADVENT and transformed into a Viper, who then was rescued and has to live as her new self. I commissioned...