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    I know I have a grey box right now, I'm working on my Icon ATM.

    I know I have a grey box right now, I'm working on my Icon ATM.
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    My Idea for a unique system for fursuits (critique/input wanted)

    I'm going to keep this brief. I figured, to improve comfort and to add some more variations for a lower cost, that a pants-top/bodysuit combo would be a good alternative. I have had the idea to make a slimmer, less smothering version of a fursuit that is more bathroom friendly and better for...
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    Sewing machine for Fursuiting?

    I got mine during a cyber-monday sale a few years ago. It's a brother, and has been super good with every kind of fabric I've used. this ranges from linen and broadcloth to dense Sherpa and thin pleather. I would recommend figuring out what kinds of fabric you'll use most, though, as the denser...
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    How many yards of fur would I need for one fursuit head?

    In my sadly limited experience, it varies. Large heads take more than smaller ones, and while yes about 2 yards total is a good estimate, I'd add an extra half yard just in case per color. I also would like to point out that some ear types, such as lop style (I made a lop rabbit head as an early...