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    The Less You Know

    You can calculate how old a person is by the number of candles on their birthday cake.
  2. Glossolalia

    your latest purchase ! :3

    A well-articulated action figure body with no head. I think I'll sculpt something weird for him, not sure what yet
  3. Glossolalia

    Blep or Mlem?

    I like blep. My friend bleps sometimes when he's confused- I tell him it's because his head is full of empty and there's no room for his tongue. A blep provides important external insight into someone's brain status.
  4. Glossolalia

    OK Prices???

    The range of prices look reasonable to me, but one thing I notice is that the examples you give for each price option are very open-ended: is any sketch $5, regardless of complexity? Lots of artists make a distinction based on how much of the character is drawn (a head shot vs a full body) and...
  5. Glossolalia

    I would like know your opinion

    1 and 12 are my favorite, but there are a lot of good ones! What is the image going to be for? Is there anything in particular you want to communicate about these characters?
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    Cat noises

    Lol I just realized the video posted before me documents this exact thing
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    Cat noises

    *sleepy cat, who was staring off in the other direction, is lightly touched on the shoulder* MgrrrrrrrrrmCHIRP?
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    Welcome to Paleolithic Camp

    I was going to ask where all the artists are, but if they're anything like me they must be hiding in that cave hoarding materials
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    Underrated Pokemon

    Just in terms of looks, Breloom! It's got such a cute, unique design, I'm surprised it has so little merch.
  10. Glossolalia

    Slight Existencial Crisis

    I keep my furry and non-furry work completely separate, because for me they feel like two entirely different things- different style, different medium, different reasons for making them. I don't worry too much about people finding out I draw furry art, because I think at worst it comes across as...
  11. Glossolalia

    Something about my Fursona and Protogen

    Protogens are definitely widely accepted as valid fursonas- as far as I've seen, they're very popular right now!
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    I'm starting to despise drawing.

    Instead of taking a break from drawing entirely, it might help to shift your focus for a while. It sounds like you're hung up on perfecting your anatomy right now, but aren't making progress fast enough to feel satisfied, and it's taking the joy out of it. Maybe you could take this time to...
  13. Glossolalia

    What exactly is this "adopt" thing?

    I've never bought an adoptable, but I can sort of see the appeal. Sometimes a character can feel more "real" and novel when it comes from an outside source instead of your own head. This is kind of an abstract example, but I think it's kind of like the difference between intentionally looking...
  14. Glossolalia

    MONSTER FACTORY drawing game

    the better to drink it with