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  • I've been trying to post a reply but the system keeps burping - probably too much of that Korean SPAM lately. Still here, trying to get "Scribe" back on track. Hope you're doing well, I'm doing better after I had my asthma and allergy meds updated. Take care.
    Jan of 2015, i bought the farm! litterally i bought a farm! A small farm, but a farm with a barn and everything!
    I am putting this here so that people will know that I have not left. I am moving out to the farm I bought. I should have internet next week out there so once I am done moving, I will check back in. if you want to reach me just leave a pm and I will get back to you when I am able.
    Happy Birthday! :D
    I can't do you a Birthday comic, but you still do have a significant role in my Elder Scrolls one... that'll be awhile before that comes out.
    Getting back to you, finally. Made it through Xmas and the 34th anniversary with my Tigress. Wow, how time flies.

    Anyway, posted a new chapter to my story "Scribe" over on FA. Man, that one was a long time coming. I found myself battling a writer's block for 11 months. I know that string of poor health had something to do with it but I've been productive before while laid up with a major kidney stone episode. If you like furry/human sci-fi, you might like this story. BTW, not X-rated.

    So I had better jump back out of here and hit the sack. I'm wearing out the backspace key again.

    Thought I would kick a PM your way, letting you know the old warhorse is still around. RL kind of kicked my tail but things are settling down now. Been dealing with my diabetes so now I gave in and started using insulin along with a lower pill dosage. I'm getting lower numbers now, which is a good thing. Anyway, gotta go for now, kinda used up my time typing out a long post explaining airbrush types.Good reading, if you nothing better to do and really want to know a bit about them.

    Take care,
    Heh, its a sweet name :p I haven't been here for too long! I guess I've mostly just lurked until recently. I'm not a very outgoing person normally...
    Haha, hi! MN actually stands for "My Neighbor," like those My Neighbor Totoro and Pokemon mash-ups where they replace Totoro with Gengar. "MyNeighborGengar" was way too long to be a username, so I shortened it! What about you, any story behind Gnarl?
    Hi buddy. Job searchin' ain't easy right now. I'm not looking for a job in NASCAR right now. I just need a weekly job that'll allow me to have time to spend at the track so I can start my racing career.
    RL has been kicking my tail, literally. Had a vicious bout of sciatica, then as that just about subsided, my right A/C joint decided it needed attention. The old Sawbones decided I needed three months of physical therapy, which I didn't need, btw; range of motion was just fine. After the therapy didn't work, he finally gave it some cortisone. Things are getting better now.
    I had a dream you became a mod.
    I almost expected you to have a purple username when I woke up.
    Indeed I'm having a blast! Good friends, good people, good entertainment. Staying up past 5am almost every night!
    Hi! I accidentally messed up quoting everyone who responded to my Welcome thread, so I wanted to thank you personally. Thanks! :grin:
    Ahh. Hills! So it's not hilly where you live? I can't imagine flat land to be honest; I'm too used to hills! And yeah, highland cows are awesome!
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