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  • You've been to Scotland. So tell me, how did you find it? Also, what did you think of it? (Always interested to hear opinions from elsewhere.)
    I normally just keep things in my mind. There's only 4 stories I'm working on and I think about them constantly. Plus I'm young, I don't need to write things down to remember just yet. I think I've got like 25 more years to go before I consider it. :p
    Evening :3
    It's going alright I guess. I have yet another story idea. Gosh I just can't keep up with them all haha
    how about you?
    The human-horse hybrid was chosen for my affinity with equines and the reason for the hybrid is from the book, 'Destiny's Change'. I'll leave it at that, you'll just have to read it and see. Hopefully my publisher will throw that eBook conversion offer my way again, now that I have the scratch to put out the money to have it done.

    I can simpathise with your arthritis - I too have it bad in the knuckles/hands and one knee. I've also been plagued with lower back issues, the last one being sciatica. Lost 7 weeks of work over that. I might retire at 62, so that would be in five years. I'm in that boat where I'm not sure I can make it to that age.
    Just replying to your message. I penned "Destiny's Change", a tome about a former soldier that has a life changing experience that eventually affects every one he cares for.

    I have other furry works over at my website, http://www.kellanmeigh.com and the adult-themed ones are over at my FA account.

    Can't do the games, my back would do a "Dagwood Bumstead" with that star that always flew out of his back when he hurt it.

    I had not read "Shielah of Earth" but I've placed it on my short list.
    Terrible! My wife and daughter headed over to Europe..Rome.. this morning. I hope the weather is better over there???
    Try messaging Arshes directly because I have no idea about things like this. XD
    Usually when I like something, the biggest reason is because I just simply like it or it connects to me in some way
    Well honestly she's thinking of calling it quits. You can still talk to her about it.
    I'm fine. It's just bills and homework. Trying to get myself noticed for universities, you know?
    Nice ,':)

    And you actually draw pretty good! The way you describe yourself (or at least the way I think you describe yourself), made it sound like you weren't too good.
    Oh. Well that is a serious trip. Sounds like a blast though! Hit up that beach haha. I'll have to check them out. You have made me curious. Nicely done.
    Well hay bud! Haaahhaaaa, you said a black lady saying LOL.

    But naw I've been good. Been riding on my dirtbike. And planing some custom truck builds related to furries. Ought to be interesting. Must be nice to have a new computer haha. When you say main, do you mean the main site? That's one hell of a trip. Pleasure or business?
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