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  • Huh? What are you apologizing for?

    Not much. I was working on a story involving a fakemon RP me and Burgundy_Maroon were doing, but she goes on DeviantArt more than FurAffinity, and I'm banned from DA, so I cannot contact her as easily. So far there's only nine chapters. I was planning on making it a two-part story, and I have yet to start on part 2.

    I've put that on hold cause right now I'm working on a project called Elemental Force, which takes place in one of my original universes. (Well since it's not a show, game, story, or anything else, what should I call a bunch of characters who belong to a made up series?) I made a short-story based on one of the characters. After a little feedback from Friday, I'm working on a revised version of the story that updates the characters personalities a bit to be more realistic and fleshed out. I'm not a major writer, but I do partake in a lot of RPs. None of them are past PG13 thankfully.
    Makes sense.

    I don't mind humans and furries in stories that much, unless one side is predominantly good and the other is predominantly evil, like humans are good and anthros are evil and vise-versa.
    It's a race bike, actually, none of my fourwheelers have reverse. That's how they come from the factory, to make it lighter haha. It's only like 400lbs. I have a flat trailer that I built, just load them up with the ramps and jump them off when it's ride time. Yea I don't think tires or small feet work in 4 foot deep snow lol.
    Haha! Got it right!. Nice though, discount time.

    Yes it's smaller then your 850. (Which is actually an 840 or so). But yes, mine handles a lot better. Not as fast as yours if it was on tires, but is quicker. And yours has reverse, must be nice lol.
    Wait, what age is considered senior citizen? 55 right.
    But it's a Yamaha YFZ450. She's anold one, 2005 haha. Being stroked and a bigger piston/jug combo to make it a 480. 437cc stock to 480cc. And it's having some other work also ,':)
    Hay there! Haha.
    My day is going pretty good, met another furry that's like 15 minutes away. And put the down payment on my fourwheeler motor build. And had a great lunch.

    Hm, I don't know about format. I use Open Office that can convert to .doc
    I suppose you can copy the text into the description when you upload it. That's what I did for my Prologue
    Hey! It's going alright. Its just dealing with so many ideas at a time I don't know which to write about first x3
    By the way, there's a writing contest I think you might enjoy :3 Check out the Writer's Bloc! I can't compete because I'm one of the judges ^^'
    Free you say? Well it's time to break out my boat and snorkel haha! But realy, how awesome would that be, have a ocean bottom V16.
    Well if you don't find one online or in Nevada, You can always get one free .. at the bottom of the ocean!
    If the valve train is exposed, that would be an awesome display piece. Just to look at how motors were built back then. If it a surplus, it should be dirt cheap. And it might have been a bugatti. Not sure.
    Oh I'm all kinds of patient lol. I might just keep my online name as the first name with LeLoup as the last name. It rolls off the tongue well and it sounds adorable.
    I can't remember who (Car Fox would) used a V12 in some kind of supercar. But a straight 12, that's so far beyond too long haha. I'd like to have a V16 block. That would be awesome.
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