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  • I'm glad you liked it. :3
    I haven't thought of a story teller name. I figured worry about that later once I get a finished piece. As for publishing I was thinking the traditional route.
    That'd b like me selling my big toyota, had it since I was 9.

    Wow haha. Why would you left the rear end on a wagon? Unless you were going for like a drag car. A coffee can. Sounds like something I would do haha. The skunk, nice! The 283 was a straight 6 right. And 3 on the tree sucks lol. From what I heard though, the chevy straight 6's were indestructible.
    I have an idea for what I want as my story teller name. My real name is, just, bland. Though my grandfather was a writer in his time but not well known.
    Nice. I think the closest I got was when my friend used my online alias name in a story that was published. It was in an ancient egyptian themed one. I couldn't ask for a better setting x3
    Whaaaat. Bet that was a fun build. Kind of a ass move making to sell it after you put that much work into it. I still don't see how you got all that for 6 bucks. Bit at least you made a good profit. Still sucks you had to sell it. Dang farmer. Man, you were rolling in style wig that belair haha.
    Ah no I wish. I was going to try to get the one based on the bible story published. The others aren't really worth it in my opinion. Maybe my silly poem I can send to a children's poetry book thing or make my own.
    Used to? What happen to that? And what year was it? And when did you build it? You might as well go into full detail about it haha.
    Oh yeah I will. I have two up so far. One is a prologue to my longer story based on a book from the Bible. The second http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11132936/is just two of my characters having a silly conversation. The next one I'll upload would be far deeper and melancholy. The final one I'm immediately working on is just some fetish story that was commissioned from me a while ago.
    Boring adult things. Cleaning, working, etc. Though I did hit up Megaplex last weekend. That was fun. I'm also working on writing a few short stories here and there to get myself into the writing flow. I'm also working on a roleplay story where the Chinese Zodiacs and the Western Zodiacs war with each other because the Western Zodiacs are tired of the once a month attention as opposed to the year long attention.
    Wow, they know were the nice stuff is haha. If enything start talking about you and your wifes sex life back in the day. Guaranteed to get them away from the TV. And get you some nice TV time.
    And it's not my truck, it's a "friends" (if he even qualifies as one, I don't know) truck. It's a Chevy 1500 reg cab, short wheel base. It has a blown 305 and he wants to put a 350 in it so I said ok. I change the motors by my self, never realy was good with a helper. It's only a 2 day job but I'll make a little off of it.
    Same as always 18 hours of OT since wed. Out in Western North Dakota again.
    At least my office has lots of windows and 4wheel drive. i put 5 thousand on in the last three weeks.
    So what you been up to?
    You and sleep just can not be having enough quality time together haha. That should be a nice pay check. And is that big enough. Well I don't know, you are getting older so that eye site can't be good HAHA! Just messing with ya.
    Well hay saere bud! Yes, it's been some time. Things are pretty good. Got a new truck that I have to do a motor swap. And I rode my KTM on a good solid ride to see if enything was going to happen to it. So what have you been up to?
    So.. Sut wyt ti? then. i is tired but still at it. I may take a nap and then do some more writing later.
    i found that picture of the dragon but it is so old that it is only half there. I might redo a version of it just for fun. Today has been a good day, so far.
    We have bi-lingual signs like Canada. The Welsh word by law has to come first. "Araf" would come before "Slow" for example.

    You would pronounce Cymru as cum-ree.

    But yeah. Sut wyt ti?
    *Wales, or if you prefer the Welsh for it, Cymru. XD :p

    But yeah, places are awesome around here, and our castles and palaces are actually real. :V
    Even the motorways (freeways) here are full of curves. XD We don't like straight roads.

    I live in the city of Swansea in South Wales. The most beautiful blacked near that area are the gower peninsula (with its amazing beaches) and the Brecon Beacons national park. I reccomend you google image search both.
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