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  • Love em! Problem was that it rides on top of the snow. So the first time I went out to a site and parked, I stepped off of it and promptly sank to my waist. Spent five minutes laughing before I could get up on the snow shoes.
    More of a supernatural type of person. Demons, angels, werewolves, magic, etc.

    I've had enough of my own slice of life. I don't need someone else's lol
    I was about to say, wow, must realy like your job haha. But still, that's a good amount. I'm so glad I got rid of my big truck to start driving my little truck. But one of them is going to be redundant here soon. It'll be a little truck with big power.
    Well, your day was officially longer than mine haha. I'd already be asleep by now if it was me. But then again I'm an hour a head of you.
    This is a company truck with a company gas card right?
    Started at 4AM and finally got back to the hotel and passed out at 3:30 PM.
    Going to crash here in a bit. gotta start tomorrow at around 5:am again.
    Driving 400 to 500 miles a day to repair electronics is taxing!
    It's no prob haha.

    But my day was productive. Layed out a sprinkler system, rolled some grass and had some fun with a trencher. Long day. How was yours?
    It's easy, go to the persons profile. Look under their profile picture. And you'll see something that says "+ add as friend". Click on that, then it'll ask if you want to send the person a friend request, click yes and it'll send the person a friend request.

    Or, when your looking around on the forums, if you click on the persons name. It'll bring out a list of options, you can click on the same thing "+ add as friend".

    I asked the same thing when I first got on an online forum.
    That is true but I also need to do some research as well as fleshing out my characters. I feel like character creation is the best part. They're like my babies.
    I'd like to get published on day but only after I polish something relentlessly to my liking. I have a prologue up for one that I'm working on but that's about it. I'm also trying to convince my friend to publish a roleplay we've been doing for about 9 years. Last I checked, it was over 300 pages but a lot of content has been lost and new content has been added.
    cool. I'll take a look at it. I enjoy writing as well but I can never finish anything. I guess because I don't like it when stories end.
    Yeah Aizen is the bad guy. Also that last comment made me laugh XD
    Also don't worry. I know how work can be.
    Every time I log off, like right after I do so, you tell me see ya later. Talk about funny bud!
    Naw but it's cool talkin with you too.
    I'm rewatching it now and I just keep seeing this avatar and I'm like "Hmm that's uncanny"
    OMG that was good.


    Or if you're not up to it at least let me build off of it. (but I'd much rather take turns as it sounds incredibly cool and interesting.)
    65° and I'm breaking out a long sleeve shirt haha. Now that it's summer, during the deepest part of night, it might get to the 80's. That's the one thing I can say I have seen plenty of. Lots of snakes, lots of gators, lots of big cats, lots of bear, lots of just about every thing that literally wants a piece of you. Not long ago I was on a trial and I was seeing just how close I could get to a rabbit, and a black bear comes on the trail and started to head towards my way but dove back into the woods. I got out of that trail mighty quick.
    That's the down fall. But it's still better than the nissan titan, there might be 6 foot there with the tail gate down.
    That's, insane. During december down here, 90% of the christmas days I can remember have been spent in a t-shirt and shorts. From january to the beginning of march, pants, t-shirt with a light jacket (sometimes a heavy jacket) and your good. The mornings well be cold, but moon hits and your sweating like crazy.
    I was going to say Chevy 2500. But it's better than chevy, nice. And doesn't dodge have the crew can and mega can, which is just an elongated crew can? Because I know the truck I use to haul the fourwheelers is dodge 1500 2wd and it, is, awesome.

    Is that realy possible!? That's insanely cold. And that's a crazy amount amount of snow. The most snow I ever saw was a flurry. And the coldest I've experienced is probably 40° with a 30° wind chill. But that was only a for few hours, then it got not too bad. The hottest is 110° with 85% or higher humidity and had to work in it.
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