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  • This is getting kind of entertaining if enything haha.
    I'm guessing were you are there is that white stuff called snow? If so I wouldn't blame them. Snow= too cold.
    Nice. What kind of office are we talking about here? I do like my 4x4's.
    You got that right most of the new guys don't last the first winter!
    the great advantage is my office has 4 wheel drive and lots of windows!
    Well that is what makes it fun. It's dangerous. Come on now haha. But that does make since, hard to replace, hard train, and hard to find a good one.
    Godess, nice. Something other than a guy. About time. How are you not allowed more than six foot off the ground? But it must be nice, having people do the work for you. It doesn't surpriseme that it dose require training and certification. I know I can't just climb eny cell tower and work it. All though I did try to climb a power line poll. You know, the huge power lines. Had to use the bracing wire that went to the top of the poll, then just slid back down. Well admit it was a bit of a wild ride, was hoping for no burrs on the line.
    Well I'm guessing that to never run out of work. Job security is what those storms are haha. So are you a high wire guy? The guy that climbs to the top of the cell towers.

    If you look at the top right ish of the messages, you'll see something that says "view conversation" click on that before you respond to the persons message, and it's guaranteed that you don't mess up the message haha. You'll see mine and your messages to each other.
    I work in communications electronics, Cellular. There are not many of us in this field.
    We are called field engineers or Wireless technicians. Right now there are only 5 of us for the entire state of North Dakota and NW MN. With the projects adding the new technology to the network and the recent storms, cell phones are considered vital infra-structure.
    What do you so that requires you to travel 400 miles from home for an emergency assignment? The only way I travel 400 miles from home is if it involves riding haha.
    Wait, I do the same thing. And get the same reaction. We'd better not share this with eny one. They'll catch on to what's going on.
    That would kind of suck. Tell them to turn it up.

    Don't worry about it. Every one has done it. I usually just edit it and put something funny.
    I often wait until they pause and then look at them and say "What?" they usually stop talking!
    I wouldn't call it a super power though. there are down sides like having to really pay attention at the movies.
    Wow. That must be an awesome superpower of being older! Do you still have to say "yea, go on, interesting" while looking at the person, or can you just continue to do what it is your doing.
    Well now. If you like it rough, then you like it rough. That's one of those "well what had happen was" moments haha. But the IRL thing, bummer. But I guess it has an up side.

    Call me stupid but because of the things I do, I can tell my hearing has dropped in clarity over the years. Realy noticeably in the past couple years.
    Wow, you did a pretty good job. And all those you have painted also? Out of curiosity, how'd you loose part of your ear?
    On the main site (Furaffinity) that would be a note. On this part of the site though (the forums of Furaffinity) it's just a visitor message haha. But it's no biggy. Just thought I would see the/a new guy.

    Also, I do have a question. Wouldn't a wolf dog cross just be a domesticated wolf? That or a dolf. Maybe a wolg. Yea it's a strange question alright haha.
    I've never seen someone message themselves four times in a row and then no one say eny thing back. So I shall change this pattern. Haha.

    So what's up?
    Friends! if you read this I am posting to let you know that my work is requiring me to go over to Minot North dakota for a few days. I should be back around the 22nd of July. I have a lot more art and stories to post so until then, take care!
    For the curious soul I have posted some writing on the main page uder Doggywolf67.
    The tales of the All Father is a story about a human farmer who saves and falls in love with a Currelian (furry) and together they are the parents, by genetic means, of all the various forms of human/animal hybrids. These are the stories of his life and how the pure humans treated (tried to kill him) for creating the hybrids. It is an adventure/Love story. But be warned it starts out the darkest story I have ever written.
    If anyone is iterested, Yes I wrote Shielah of Earth...Fauns of Agassiz...The Mystic Princess and others. Currently only three available on Kindle.
    This fursona loves to write stories, can't spell, but it don't matter much, so long as the stories is fun!!!
    The Human behind the Furry is much the same.!! As far as gaming, that which don't kill us, are fun!
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