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  1. Goathorns90

    (Commission) Selling: Detailed head shot/bust digi paintings! ($40)

    3 slots open: 1- open! 2- open! 3- open! Looking to get back into drawing more furry art, so I'm currently only doing one style! If you're looking for something different (such as fullbody) feel free to message me and we can work something out, but for now I'd love to do this format...
  2. Goathorns90

    Hiya! Returning to the furry community~

    I've been in and out of the furry community for years, decided to properly start using FA again, so hello to everyone! I'd love to make some friends here again, so feel free to say hi. :) I'm posting art again too, I do digital paintings mostly, I'll hopefully be posting some little comics soon...