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  1. Gol22

    Looking for Artist to do character's 1st adult picture!

    It's been quite sometime since I've bought art or anything at all, but I would like to finally get something! I've had pictures done of Gol and have yet to find an artist that could take a commission that isn't really over $100 Might not have the best ref picture, but I have a few pics...
  2. Gol22

    Seeking Ride Up to FC from Anaheim/Orange County Area

    As the title says, I am currently and still looking for a ride up to FC for this convention. I know it's a bit sudden, but if anyone is within the Orange County area or going up past my way, hoping there is room in someones vehicle that I can tag along with. Most likely would be bringing...
  3. Gol22

    Looking for available rooms

    Califur is close and I may have lost my old roommate buddy seeing his room is full. Dunno if there is anyone else who is looking for roommates to share a room for Califur~
  4. Gol22

    Will color your art for free!

    OOoooo, yay! I think i have 1! http://i27.tinypic.com/29bztyu.png (Original Artist - Sabstar - Drawn for me as a Request) Color of my character is a black and a dark silver. I have picture ref you can look at in my sig. Link there
  5. Gol22

    Celebrate with me my first 1k pageviews

    RANDOM! Could I possibly request a pic of fursona with UFC gloves and shorts? Ref for character in sig.
  6. Gol22

    Character Sketches

    Didn't realize how fast it came, lol. Love the work and thanks a lot!
  7. Gol22

    Steam Username List

    GoliathTall is mine http://steamcommunity.com/id/Gol22 Usually just play CS or something or "The Hidden" at times because my computer is a POS and not good enough for the really fun games. :\
  8. Gol22

    Character Sketches

    Well, haven't had a new pic request or anything done in awhile... so i'll pitch in if ya like. Ref. in siggy for ya Please and Thanks!!
  9. Gol22

    Open to Requests (some painless conditions)

    Well, I dont mind whether or not you use it, its all up to you anyway... Ref is in siggy. Got some pretty nice skill
  10. Gol22

    Three Spots

    Wolfy work. Like your style of art! Perhaps I can see if you can try out my fursona pic. Dont mind how its done, its up to you. Ref pic is in Sig.
  11. Gol22

    Anyone want an Icon?

    I could use a new avy image since i've used recent one for quite a long time. Ref of character pic is in Siggy.
  12. Gol22

    Taking ur requests!

    Dunno if your full or closed atm. I'll leave one here if its accepted. My fursona is in need of being changed, like age wise. I do have a fursona pic in my sig here so you can take a look at the picture reference of myself. Hoping to have my fur to look a little more... beefy? or... older or...
  13. Gol22

    Idun J. Fox's free art and art trades

    If I could, and its up to you ofcourse as you said... get a torso and head shot, that'd be sweet! I'll await your permission if so. Ref of my pic in under my sig.
  14. Gol22

    Boring, so taking request x3

    I'll pop one in. Ref. under my sig.
  15. Gol22

    Taking Requests and Trades

    If I could get a facial profile like the one you show for example, that would be pretty awesome! Ref in sig. Only IF... you want to... Please and Thanks.