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Grae Sparrowkin

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  • I think that anyone who seeks to be a psychologist should have a listen to this account of a man's experience in long-term mental health facilities.
    I am an atheist. To me, the 'soul' is just mental ability and a way some people define it. I have only taken one semester of college, and the field I major in when I go back will probably be related to computers or accounting. Even if I did believe in the soul, those beliefs would quickly be pounded out of me with a proper college education so there is nothing for you to worry about. As for your Eversleep comment, no, he annoys me too, though I think he probably has Aspergers like I do. Just because I see some patterns in the way he has posted in the past similar to ways I used to think though I hope I'm improving versus how I posted before. I just want to stand out and make some friends and be seen as smart and interesting >.<
    I both want to help others and can look past surface behaviors to ulterior motives and be able to distance myself and I'm interested in the inner workings of the human mind, which seems simple in theory yet has created increasingly complex things over the years.
    Are you going to school to be a psychologist? I'd love to do that, but mom doesn't think I'd make a good one and she's the only person I've known for a long time besides my brother >.<
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