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    Oni Dragon OTA

    Hello all! I designed a new bab recently and he's currently ota! Money offers only (although I may consider money+art) at a 40$ minimum! Please help me find him a good home!!! www.furaffinity.net: Akuma (Ota - Open) by GraySkies I also have a few remaining Pride Adopts from last month if...
  2. GraySkies

    Pride Adopts! $10 Each

    Thank you!
  3. GraySkies

    Pride Adopts! $10 Each

  4. GraySkies

    Pride Adopts! $10 Each

    Hey all! I know there are a few of these going around but I wanted to do something festive since I had to miss my local pride parade! They are each 10$ and you can do whatever you'd like to them once they are adopted! www.furaffinity.net: Pride Adopts! $10 Each by GraySkies I am also open...
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    Any Saga Fans Out Here?

    Saga is amazing. Also, if you like Image comics I'd suggest Monstress because there are also furry elements in that one as well.
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    Grayskies needs new subjects! Simple sketches to fully painted illustrations!

    Hello hello! I'm not exactly new to the community but am only recently trying out this commission thing! I am in need for new subjects for my artistic explorations and was wondering if there was anyone out there who would be interested? I am interested in drawing all things furry, creatures...
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    Looking For Artists Who Love to Draw Thick Mommas!

    1. Yes 2. Very much so 3. Depends on the fetish in question 4. I do my best to keep in contact and send progress pics 5. I loooooove return customers I'm somewhat new here but am eager to please and eager to learn! If you are still looking I'd be more than willing to work with and for you! My...