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    The bidet

    Except that I use my hands to eat and touch my face a lot, while my my bottom area gets sweaty at best, otherwise the "contamination" is minimal at best- which is going to be washed when I shower after the day, into fresh new underwear. What goes on your hand goes everywhere- onto everything you...
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    When someone hates you

    Coby, you're so sickly delusional there are no other words of putting it in. Stop ignoring pages of criticism, stop writing it all off as "insults", stop claiming people are preemptively judge you, stop calling it rumors. You say that these people are all stuck in their 'false' mindset, using...
  3. Gronix

    When someone hates you

    I mean... Insulting and fighting sounds like completely normal people behaviour to me
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    When someone hates you

    Yes. Yes, you are.
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    V is for Vo...

    I approve. :eyes:
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    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Exactly. And you won't be there to see it. *Retreats into a dark, dark closet, cheese held firm, slamming it's door in*
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    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Everything legal :eyes:
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    What would you do if a female anthro elephant was your girlfriend?

    What would I do? Work, study, play video games, eat, drink, sleep, photoshop, write, listen to music, talk to said elephant, discord, make cat emojis, use said cat emojis, play with my dog, feed my dog, play chess, make tea, go to the local grocery store, take out trash, vacuum clean, dust off...
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    Make FAF Great Again

    I don't believe this is a democracy, that we have any proper say in it, other than a small nagging towards Dragoneer. Even then, if he's convinced of the need for a mod, I don't have much, if any hope that it wouldn't be himself handpicking instead of letting us choose. Besides, I don't exactly...
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    How to revive the forums

    The key to peace is cat emojis.
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    Arby's Vore rp

    Do the victims get life insurance or do we have to get that for ourselves?
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    You own the person above you for a day

    I always wanted a cute personal cyber-secretary. You'll get to do my paperwork and make my appointments while wearing revealing clothing.
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    A Question on Vore for Those Who Love It, like me

    Exactly. While things different to me might warp my present personal view, the outside world actually never changes for real. It's all meaningless, and in my head, where it belongs. If I can admit that it only looks real, but it certainly isn't, then by all means I am forbidden from treating it...
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    A Question on Vore for Those Who Love It, like me

    Oh man, I sure like many things mentioned in this thread in one way or another, sexual fantasies can be really fucked up, but I think of them as perfectly fine, I don't hate myself for finding something appealing, or anyone else. That is, as long as these things stay a fantasy. I also happen to...