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  • Thanks!! :D I made a thread in the Tutorials and Critiques section asking for help on constructing the head. Maybe you can take a look? :D I'd be grateful for any help!
    Hi! I accidentally messed up quoting everyone who responded to my Welcome thread, so I wanted to thank you personally. Thanks! :grin:
    Grunwolf...I don't believe it. It's more than I expected it would be. It's simply gorgeous!!! I love that cocky grin the most. ^^ All that for free? You lucky dog. Btw, I've got a ref sheet commission in the works. ^^ My artist is so talented I'll link you in a few weeks when she finishes.
    I actually like it! I love acronym nicknames. l=3 But I especially love putting an 'nie' on the end of user's names. Makes them sound cute! ^w^
    Wow. You're kind of, like, the 4th person to compliment my avatar! ^^; Thanks Grunnie! If you don't mind me calling you that. (=3
    Aww. ^^ I figured you were busy. Sorry to hear it was boring. :C I've just been doing the same old thing. Hoping for a good new year.
    So since you offerd the "if you got questions just ask" I have one :p

    So what do you exactly do on FA ? I mean I know what to do in fourms but on the real site. My friend told me you browse and watch the artists you like etc. but I am a lil shy to add it to my fav or watch the artist.... And I dont have much to offer to the fandom so I am kinda boring if you compare me to the wonderful artists and fursuiters and all of them xD
    I just got an idea for your next song of the week. Either "When will you come home by Dj Avalon, or "Raver's fantasy (extended club mix)" by Tune Up. Look them up, they're pretty good.
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