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    no need to personally thank me its all good ^.^ if you need anything just lemme know and I will...

    no need to personally thank me its all good ^.^ if you need anything just lemme know and I will try and help :)
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    Do you think FA could ever be a better community?

    I would say you have very high expectations. I mean isn't the point of a forums to hang out and have fun? Talk to other people? if people want to talk about furry related things there are threads for that. I personally like coming on here just to talk amongst the community, socialize, make...
  3. Grunnolf

    How Would a Furry Society Even Work?

    It would be interesting to have it happen. I mean honestly imagine all these dragons roaming around .... would scare the piss outa some people (at least me). What would really be interesting is all them hybrids and what not.
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    Hey All

    Sup Dragon. I have already seen you around a lot lol welcome to the community I am sure you will fit in just fine ^.^
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    Hello hello

    (a little late here but w/e lol) Welcome to the forums. (I see you are already acquainted) if you ever want someone to talk to just shoot me a PM
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    Hey whats up ^.^ ... lol welcome to the forums. If you want good brain food go to the tech section I always find it fascinating.
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    Hey everyone!! :)

    Heyo ^.^ welcome to the forums .... you shouldn't have any issues finding stuff on fursuits visit the art section they have TONS of stuff on fursuits.
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    Hi, I'm another Cute Little Furry

    Hey there! Welcome to the Forums :3
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    Fursona Ref Sheet

    I am currently looking for a Sona ref sheet to be done. I prefer to only pay $20 - $30. I am also looking for it to be done within 1 - 2 weeks (2 weeks max). If you have any questions or want more details please message me.
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    Fursuit pieces

    Fursuit Hey all, Last fursuit maker I tried to hire just stopped all contact to me. Please do not contact if you are not going to follow through and or keep contact. Before you offer make sure to ask ANY and ALL questions BEFORE hand. I say this to eliminate ANY confusion and lack of...
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    Fursona redraw/modifications

    Hello to those looking at this, I have had some art of my fursona done previously however i figured it was about time to sit down with a semi experienced to an experienced artist with a lot of patience to get my fursona complete. I say this meaning getting all the new details in and...
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    What Would You Do If You Met Your Fursona?

    i would just duo it up in some games and go to raves with my fursona
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    Hello FAF!

    Hey welcome to FAF ^.^ just a friendly tip :V means sarcasm.
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    Non furry mates question

    Well i had a mate who wasnt a fur but when i told her she dumped me right there so hope that helps lol. i have a mate who is a furry now so i could care less of the other relationship :V i dont see why the girls (or guys) depending on your prefferance have an issue with it sometimes. its a hobby.
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    Welcome to FAF i am sure you will have no issue making friends just read the rules and keep in mind that ":V" means sarcasm