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  1. gruz

    a humble request

    basically i just want something in my head that gives advice and helps make certain decisions think carl jung's servant shadow or harvey from farscape
  2. gruz

    a humble request

    does anyone know where i can get a hypnosis file or any other resource that might help me create a second personality?
  3. gruz

    for the love of gruz help me!

    sorry i really don't have much for you to go on
  4. gruz

    for the love of gruz help me!

    there is a graphic novel (read:comic) that i can't find in fact i only just remembered it or at least the part i read and i really want to find the ending the name is street wise and i think it was distributed by tokyopop i've looked myself and i came up short there is another comic called...
  5. gruz

    Anthro question

    y'know if i really waas gruz being around a bear that can't talk would be pretty awkward at first but i don't know after a while it could be fun
  6. gruz

    Epic Movie Quotes!

    If I'm not back in five minutes...just wait longer
  7. gruz

    18 is to Old to Look at Mature Artwork

    ahhhh to be young again...
  8. gruz

    Anyone like their steaks rare?

    my real life diet is almost as bad as gruz, almost enitirely meat based, i was never into plants and besides i'm evil when i look at a cow i see it in a bun i've had problems with this though and the docs say if i keep 'punnishing my gut' like this for much longer i'll keel over i never...
  9. gruz

    When will we be the target of hate?

    eventually we're going to be blamed for keeping lolicon alive i mean we're an easy target and besides the anime s/d is too great to attack right now it''s only a matter of time before people start screaming child rapist
  10. gruz

    What do you like more, Clean or Yiffy

    i like porn i like anthro's so it goes without saying i like furry porn but if it was all just porn there wouldn't really be much of a fandom everything has a balence this topic is no exception
  11. gruz

    Ideas for a furry documentary!

    hell hit me up if ya need an interview but you should show the dark twisted evil and of course arousing porn then do a piece from a childs view, teddies and all sorts of fluffy coming to life around them, got to show both sides.
  12. gruz

    WHen you look into someone's...

    deep dark red eye's course not many people irl have em but red contacts are becoming popular so might be made happy at last ^^
  13. gruz

    Are we all equal?

    the definition of equal is balanced or the same so it's impossible for everyone to be equal we all deserve equal rights thats just common sense but no we are not all equal we vary from person to furson (lol satan made me^^^)
  14. gruz

    What the hell am I?

    chose the species that shares some characteristics with you