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    THe Affinity Code...

    Apparently it was something jheryn did on a lark. I find that it's not broadly written enough to be useful. < shameless plug > Furry Artist's Code: http://grycsroom.furtopia.org/furryartistscode/encode_input.php </ shameless plug >
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    Why is fa down? (click for information...)

    I assume the database is randomly corrupting with no real rhyme or reason... :idea: If you get stuck and can't figure out what it's doing or why, perhaps you could duplicate the setup the beta had, and slowly change it over to what the server has now. From there, you can figure out how...
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    Account Importing From Old FA [Updated]

    So is it the MySQL database archive, the file/image archive, or both that are corrupted?
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    FA Avatar Sizes

    Perhaps a default setting of 100x100, but a setting in the user profile to set thumbnails/icons/etc. to the setting of the user's choice.
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    I tried once...never again...never again... http://sourceforge.net/projects/thomud/