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  1. ---Guilmon---

    What is your favored FPS/combat game weapon?

    M4A1, UMP, M60, G23, L96A1, G36E, K7, and a few others... e_e
  2. ---Guilmon---

    Combat Arms furry clan?

    Read above edit. ^_^ And yeah, Nathiuz was from the clan
  3. ---Guilmon---

    Combat Arms furry clan?

    I think it was Combat Furries. If it's the clan Nathiuz was in, if you mean that. *EDIT* The clan was disbanded.
  4. ---Guilmon---

    HI :D

    Hi foxy! :3 ...I wish I had a cookie for you >_>;
  5. ---Guilmon---

    The BEST and the WORST Games of 2008

    On the best part: I'm lost my memory SOO bad I forgot those two were released this year ._. On the Worst part: You are sooo right, NFS: Prostreet REALLY sucked.
  6. ---Guilmon---

    The BEST and the WORST Games of 2008

    Best: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Halo 3, Gears of War 2 Worst: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, that game was just crap. Honorable Mention: The Darkness (Was in '07, so I never got to say it :()
  7. ---Guilmon---

    Should there be a RolePlay section on FAF?

    Lol you have a good point there. :3
  8. ---Guilmon---

    RP on FAF

    Ashyen took all I could say, actually; but yes. I think it can be a good thing.
  9. ---Guilmon---

    What age are furries?

    I are 13. >.>;
  10. ---Guilmon---

    hi all

    Lol, I know I'm a nerd at that, and proud of it! :D
  11. ---Guilmon---

    Random sleep facts about yourself

    I know I have a great mind, thanx Luc. ^_^ Sleep Fact: I wake up just to find out my baby brother has his hand on my face.
  12. ---Guilmon---

    Random sleep facts about yourself

    I once woke up next to my dog ._.
  13. ---Guilmon---

    What Pokemon are you?

    And I chose in regard to you know who. ^_^
  14. ---Guilmon---

    Random sleep facts about yourself

    Random Sleep Fact: sometimes I wake up with half my body hanging over the bed.. :D
  15. ---Guilmon---

    Random sleep facts about yourself

    xD Least I knew that before anyone else >P Random Sleep Fact: I dream about doggiez and kittiez and snow and stuff o_o *Edit* Lol. I dream of a person on FAF. ^_^