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  • heh most of those people don't even come online anymore, much less speak. Some I do, some I don't.
    But anyway, you're welcome
    PPFFFFFFFTTT I wouldn't say I'm popular. x3
    Thanks! You know my friend can probably draw one for you. It's pretty cheap and she's super nice. Her page is in my signature. I'm not exactly sure if she's still doing them but it can't hurt to ask.
    A recruiter card is an ESSENTIAL monster that allows you to hand/special summon your other monsters from your deck when their effect resolves
    Cards like WattCobra, Gravekeeper Spy, Gravekeeper Recruiter, Gadgets, Evoltile Westlo, Worm Xex, etc. You cannot run less than 3 for any deck and if the deck has none it's usually crap.
    Yeah, B.E.S. the deck is...pretty poor because it's really just Konami fans service. There aren't too many theme cards, the deck needs outside cards like Cyber Dragon and The Tricky to get the main ones on the field (Big Core MK 2 is Cyber Dragon with 300 more attack, but for some reason I can't summon it on Pro). And there are NO recruiter cards except for Boss Rush.
    You play current day Yugimonz too!? Finally! But you use Madolche so you're my sworn enemy. Card plucking, cavity causing, loli motherfuckers... >.>
    I just use Watts, Gravekeepers, and I'm trying to add speed to my Bacterian Core Warship deck (as badass and strong as they are, the deck is VERY slow).
    DUCKER Mobile Cannon is the staple enemy of Gradius(Why the Gradius Yugioh card is named Gradius instead of Vic Viper perplexes me) so it's the same game.
    The card is the same as what you see in my profile pic and is drawn how they are seen in Gradius V (as well as the intro to the Gradius III & IV double pack).
    Konami has a TON of their games put in Yugioh from Metal Gear, Space Manbow, Gradius, Parodius, Xexex, Thunder Cross, Trigon, and I believe TwinBee.
    You mean the one from a few months ago? That got shut down because it was too much trouble for the moderators.
    Yago primarily sits on his ass playing video games, reading, listening to music and checking up on the forums.
    Cannot believe I never got around to responding to that. Well least I didn't put it on my own page this time. Anyways, I wouldn't know. I don't like 3.5 because from what I've seen it just seems such a chore to get going.
    As long as you don't criticize or antagonize me for something as insignificant as my gaming tastes, I'm fine with what you're into. I just won't have much on the subject.
    Well thank you kindly sir. :3
    And yeah, most everyone here is into a lot of strategy and story based stuff. Mostly mainstream games. I delve into it sometimes, but you'd never catch me playing Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead, Final Fantasy, or any RTS. I'm more into arcade titles like ESPGaluda, Gradius, and R-Type or racers like WipEout. I used to get made fun of a lot for it too. No one messes with me here, but no one's really into anything I play deeply except for a girl named Vaelarsa (I think that's the spelling). But, it's not the end.
    Pissed me off to no end, the competitive attitude here. I never fit in with a crowd. Since gaming is a big thing here, I'm normally ostracized because of my obscure tastes. Even on this site, the effects are the same.
    You post on YouTube?
    As shitty as this state is, we have some of the best gamers on the east coast. I'm not even kidding. Everyone here who is good at something is good at something. They're ranked very very high in global leaderboards and make thousands in tournaments. Brawl, MVC, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, anything popular and competitive. I haven't seen a Brawl item in literally...LITERALLY 2 years. It is incredibly serious over here with Brawl, especially. And I won't feel bad because I kind of want Brawl textures and I play with my ex a lot now. I just barely see her, unfortunately. I'm in the middle ground of casual and hardcore. I don't care about items being on. I'm also good enough to dodge most. ;3
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