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  • *Bitching about circumstances and not doing anything about it.

    I should clarify that! Bitching is fun and theraputic. Bitching incessantly about things you wish would change without changing them is counter productive. I have a theory that people who complain constantly are under stress of inaction, and complaining is the short term mental boost in lieu of putting forth productive effort.
    You can either bitch about circumstances you cannot change, or force your way through them. Tis the way of the world!
    That's a very good point!
    And yeah part time jobs are super hard to come by these days. They're all taken by people with degrees. :U
    Getting trade qualified is usually the best and quickest way to make money. Honestly, welders, plumbers, electricians, and CDL drivers are in super high demand because the past generation has been pushed to believe that degree earners are the only way to have a good life. So now there's a shit ton of people with degrees and no one to work the trade jobs. If you're lucky, you could find a company that'd be willing to train you and help you get certification.
    Man I am SO glad I'm making money these days, haha. Paying in cash was once a very foreign concept to me.
    what's insurance? :U

    I'll be paying out of pocket. Rural dentists are thankfully cheap though.
    To brush them properly I have to open my jaw stupid wide, point my tooth brush inward, and jam it over the back of my jaw inside my mouth. I don't employ tho technique until this last year, as the rest of my teeth were pretty fine.

    But then I had one crack for seemingly no reason near the front. It's weird. I'm going to blame it on doing molly and grinding teeth like crazy while under the influence. My dental problems literally started soon after I indulged in that trip. I also grind my teeth now, which is something I never, EVER did before. It's weird. Drugs are weird. And bad. I'm glad I pulled out of that mess.

    Hopefully I get the wisdoms removed in two days.
    Pffffft I do, but my wisdom teeth were hiding way in the back and I literally did not notice I wasn't brushing them until I cracked one. Turns out they're impacted and growing in sideways.

    And this is why people get their wisdom teeth removed when young.
    Yeah yeah!
    Though having bad wisdom teeth causing excruciating pain if I eat too much junk also helps!
    HA nooooo. Well, I get "bouncy" with my diets and in general I'll emotional eat. My freshman year I binge ate and slept and gained like, 60 pounds in a semester. Then I got a body image complex that was somewhat tied in with some gender dysphoria, and I went from 245 to 155 in a year, and was headed down lower before I sobered up and got on my path to transition. So sort of? It's tied in with a bunch of other junk in all honesty.
    Preeeetty much. Haha. I'm kinda hungry. But not so bad that I'll eat before dinner. I'll be honest I've been pretty bad about eating whenever I felt like it, but recently I've been in decent control of my appetite and I'm pretty glad.
    "MOOOOOOOM I'm trying to make sacrifices to the dark lord---GEEZE....wait, pizza for dinner you say? Oh snap I'll be right down!"
    I accept your semi-formal friend request. Let the arcane rituals of internet friendship begin. -cue ethereal humming and circle of candles around a pentagram on an LCD screen-

    -grabs bag of flour and throws it into ceiling fan, coating everything-
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