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    Oh Harby, we miss you on the TS, you art slut ^_^
    Hey. I hope your friend pulls through. I come from a different walk of life, but at the same time I realize that this isn't the time to push forward my view on things. You're hurting. And for that I'm sorry.

    I hope things turn out for the better best.
    I guess you are right.

    I was just thinking like if you could stick something harmless on the stingy part of the stinger just at certain times.

    I feel bad I wasn't thinking about their stress now.
    I'd love to keep scorpions, I've always liked them for some reason.

    Would it be possible to put something like a harmless bandage on the stinger at times so I could have them climb on me and stuff?
    Hey, don't be afraid to say when you don't feel well.

    If I were to keep insect pets, I'd likely keep praying manti and scorpions. Love them both.
    Hell yeah mantis, once we are settled in im gunna house my peacock mantis in our room. Omg they are so pretty and have gorgeous eyes.
    Three hundred pounds sounds about right, depending on how many gallons you're getting. I'll talk to about it in a couple days, I'm moving and a lot of my time is going twards that right now. When I have some free time I'll tell you everything you need to know. Doing that on my phone would be a bitch, lol.
    Sadly not :mad: Can't seem to find enough time for everything at the moment. I reckon it would be fairly amazing though. Maybe next year :(
    depends really. it also depends on local regulations and if you can own them. Males take a while to tank out. females can also be dicks.
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