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  1. Harbinger

    Introduce us your pets!

    One of my pet giant Australian huntsman spiders.
  2. Harbinger

    Can I see your fursona?

    Although now there's a second dash under each eye and cyan dashes in white bars on muh tail.
  3. Harbinger

    Introduce us your pets!

    Hello darkness my old friend... ...i've come to talk to you again...
  4. Harbinger

    ABDL/Babyfur should I get myself a pacifier

    I hear this is popular being put in the mouths of babyfurs :V
  5. Harbinger

    Anyone know where this is from?

    That bottom right guy in the car looks like the guy that looks like that from Mulan.
  6. Harbinger

    Should I join a babyfur/diaperfur/abdl site

    Alternatively there are cyanide pills.
  7. Harbinger

    Silver Lining to this Read-Only Mode?

    An artist i follow posted a 48 hour YCH before FA went down, then reposted it before it went to read only again.
  8. Harbinger

    Furry Fetishes

    I think the concept of knotting is pretty fucking romantic, being like literally stuck together for a while, plus flexibility to lick where no human has licked before is pretty neat. And paws are nice...
  9. Harbinger

    What made you choose your fursona? How does it suit you?

    I wanna do nothing but help wildlife and conservation, and wolves play a pretty gigantic part in any ecosystem they're apart of, things basically go to shit when they're wiped out and unable to bring balance. Plus dat fucking fluff yo.
  10. Harbinger

    Any Divergent fans here?

    How long until Detergent comes out?
  11. Harbinger

    Regarding "Normal" Furries

    Everyone getting all philosophical n shit, a normal furry would be one that behaves like a socially acceptable human being, doesn't shit itself in public whilst wearing diapers, makes animal noises or RPs in public, and finally doesn't wearing fucking bdsm gear over their fursuit at a con or inn...
  12. Harbinger

    Why do we keep being raided by bots?

    I'd have thought this place would only be home to bots by now.
  13. Harbinger

    First exposure to furry?

    I was at a party when i gave into peer pressure and injected 5 whole yiffs into my arm.
  14. Harbinger

    Anyone want to judge my Fursona?

    The stripes on the back seem outta place, maybe style them better so they aint rectangular and more like tiger stripes.