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Hateful Bitch
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  • Oh my god.

    You have the corgi from my sig ever-so-long ago as your avatar.
    you sure are a hateful bitch teto. (ohoho, I'm sure that lame joke has never been used :U)
    /doesn't get your message for 3 days
    will listen to that stuff in a minute.
    I did, then I deleted it because it was screwing up my computer.
    I think I started a second account but never got around to cleaning up all the stuff that wasn't mine after a library import :/ Frankly I'm not a huge fan of last.fm anyways.
    Oh yeah of course, August, I remember school now. Good luck anyway.
    I was just "Furry AIDS" and never had a specific species attached to it, so HIV kitty is fine even if it does make me sound like some dirty skank :] I'll probably go back to it soon.
    I don't think you come across as mean to anyone who actually knows you. Perhaps new people might get the impression you're a hateful bitch because they just got insulted out of nowhere by someone they don't know called Hateful Bitch. But fuck them, I'm marrying you for your insults. And your hair.
    Ok, I'll make a mental note of that. I think it was mostly the completely unprovoked and amusing insults that made me think that.
    I'm the same as ever I think. I can't really remember how I was before when we last spoke. Did you pass the maths exam you posted that video about?
    This one. Some of her posts remind me of you, and I could sort of see them being posted by you. I was just curious.
    Alright, thanks. I think I remember you.
    I think.
    I'M SORRY D:
    I remember your name, though!
    I remember some people on Gaia Online from like, six years ago, but recently...
    I'm in one, been in it since last June. Bah, it got boring, so I left it. Now I'm in one with like Aleu, Cam, Enwon, Gibby and a bunch of other people here. It's greaaaat. I dunno. How are things going? good good good I guess here. The cat keeps throwing up all over the floor it is gross D:
    for some reason I get the feeling you're depressed, I dunno, I'm crazy and delusional. How are you doing?
    I don't know why she was upset about being turned into a kitty. She looked adorable.
    Eh I'm barely on to avoid a few people. Exactly the same with AIM.
    I like YooHoo
    I think I need this song

    a lot

    I think a lot


    We never talk anymore mang. D:
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