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  1. Hateful Bitch

    What scares you?

    So hell for you would be holding yourself in place between two rocks, with a clear fall down to a ravine below you, with no certainty that you'll be able to climb back up?
  2. Hateful Bitch

    What scares you?

    If you're afraid of rejection, imagine how those spiders feel. Rejection for them is often a death sentence. Tough going. I don't know about what scares me. There are things which make me anxious, places I'd rather not be, and animals I'd rather avoid, but the concept of 'fear' doesn't make a...
  3. Hateful Bitch

    Strange Dreams

    I dreamed that an artist friend of mine did a fantastic portrait of her boyfriend, with his long hair woven into a big bushy moustache. I woke up jealous and still am, 12 hours later. That's one more art related anxiety dream to the list,
  4. Hateful Bitch

    What's the story behind your name?

    At one point I ironically changed my name, and I don't want to change it back. It was the mindset of "I'm cool but don't touch me because I hate myself, isn't my complicated self image endearing and mysterious". edit: oh shit I thought this was like, GENERAL general discussion. Is this about...
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    Have you ever stopped considering yourself as a furry?

    My fandom involvement right now and for a long time has been limited to keeping up with the art output, and digging what people make. Otherwise I wouldn't consider myself part of the fandom, but I'm definitely a furry. Like, I would have given up on BoJack Horseman after the first episode if it...
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    The anti-ant-social person

    Rubber bands sometimes. Those would also be good for bringing people close together if you had enough of them. I don't like socialising with ants either. They make for rubbish conversation usually.
  7. Hateful Bitch

    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    The fact you call yourself a dragon like that is a sad enough story for me. (that was mean, I already feel bad. I can never live up to my name)
  8. Hateful Bitch

    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    Where's the "I'll do anything for money" option of this poll?
  9. Hateful Bitch

    Who is your favourite fictional tiger?

    This is just so disappointing. When everybody can't agree on the best animated tiger, what has happened to the world? I guess I have to go and watch and read a ton of Winnie the Pooh and appreciate Tigger for the ultimate tiger he apparently is.
  10. Hateful Bitch

    Who is your favourite fictional tiger?

    Please take some time to reconsider.
  11. Hateful Bitch

    Who is your favourite fictional tiger?

    Here are the Calvin and Hobbes strips, all of them. http://marcel-oehler.marcellosendos.ch/comics/ch/1985/11/198511.html Here's an article with a good selection of some of them. You can search for other lists. http://bestofcalvinandhobbes.com/ When you're satisfied, come back and declare your...
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    Who is your favourite fictional tiger?

    Only the most important questions are asked here on FaF. I would make a poll but of course everybody will vote Other and then judge me for my poor selection. So yeah, any tigers from fiction. Tigger, Richard Parker, Tony the Tiger, etc. If you cannot think of one I will allow you to cite a...
  13. Hateful Bitch

    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    Augh. Pure shite. Have a fun straight life. Straight to hell. Rock on though.
  14. Hateful Bitch

    The general confessions thread,

    I.. I can't even look at you anymore. Blocked. I confess that I'm not even that hateful of a person. Nor a bitch. And sometimes, in my darkest moments, I look at pictures of dogs kissing.
  15. Hateful Bitch

    Adventure RP's?

    Sure, why not.