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    hey everyone

    Welcome. ^,^ Give me food and i'll be your friend. starve me and i might just eat you. o.o no, i don't eat things i don't know where has been.
  2. headmasterfox


    Hey thats my line! lol
  3. headmasterfox


    WELCOME! I SAY WELCOME D*** IT! Enjoy yourself here. ^,^
  4. headmasterfox

    everyone knows it's butters~

    Hello. ^,^ Welcome to FAF, enjoy your time here.
  5. headmasterfox

    Hi everyone!

    Says I knows juu! :D Hello.
  6. headmasterfox


    Hi. ^,^ Welcome. Chat with me, hug me. Be nice to me. No eat me. o.o
  7. headmasterfox

    Hey yall!

    Hello. ^,^
  8. headmasterfox

    Hello Fellows

    Hello, and welcome. ^^
  9. headmasterfox

    Ola All

    kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty! yay kitties! Hello. ^^ Welcome to FAF, feel free to contact me if you like, i'm very friendly and wont' bite. If not, have fun here and follow all forum rules. Thank you.
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    Long time listener, first time caller...

    Well, enjoy yourself here. Feel free to contact me and Welcome! Oh, and follow all forum rules. ^^
  11. headmasterfox

    Allo, hi, hello, bonjour, and every which way to say hello.

    Hello! Welcome to Fur affinity! Have fun here. ^^ Enjoy your stay. And follow all rules. You made add me to MSN or PM me if you like.
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    Hihi, New

    We're all doing rather well. Welcoem to Fur-Affinity Forums. Enjoy your time here, follow all rules and feel free to contact me if you wish. I won't bite, i promise.
  13. headmasterfox

    Im new wasup yall.

    Welcome to FAF! Feel free to contact me, via MSN or PM me. I won't bite. Promise. And follow all forum rules and stuff if your not interested in adding me. Well, enjoy yourself.
  14. headmasterfox

    *blinks* well err hi... stranger

    *pets and strokes* Don't be afraid. I'm here to guide you. I'm here for all things small or large and furry. Enjoy your stay here, you don't have to contact me. But follow all forum rules and have fun. ^^
  15. headmasterfox

    New to the Forum, Not the Site

    OH GOD! IT'S A HEDGEHOG! IT'S SO CUTE! lol. Welcome to FAF! Feel free to add me to MSN and follow all forum rules and junk. Be nice here and have a nice day. And enjoy your stay here.