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Hendly Devin
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  • Do you have any pickup lines? Nothing too like heavy innuendo, just like mildly sexy...and this is for a guy...Please be mildly for serious...I didn't really know who else to go to with this.
    It helps if you're a minor. Then you have a guise.
    Of course, that ship probably sailed.
    That and you've mentioned alcohol in your posts. A noticeable amount.
    I don't think you're doing something legitimately wrong-I think you're just viewed of accountable of such actions.
    And since people here are on the stance of relative grammar nazism, your (i apologize for this) somewhat incorrigible level of post cleanliness and lack of caps allows more suspicion quicker. At least, this is how it seems.
    So yeah. Good day, and detroit=fuck yes.
    (Trust me, if i had any substances when i post, it'd be detectable. Very, very, detectable ._.')
    Fair enough.Suffice to say, i was bored as fuck when i posted that, and i could've just introduced myself with hi...but meh, now i'm just over-explaining, because insomnia makes one bored, and easily amused by typing thoughtlessly to somewhat random people.So good night.Hope I haven't made this too random and awkward.
    Don't see many rams' around these parts-- love your fursona concept! :)
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