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Hendly Devin

WHAI HAI Im H.D. the bad ass Argali sheep.

Fine artist, sculptor, vagabond, Detroiter, and furfag extrodinare.

Hen is my exhaggerated personality... which is an anarchistic unappologistic cannibalistic suckyourdickstic girly boy.

Gender: Male tho every blue moon I grow breasts just for fun.

Sexual orientation: Bisexual, tho Im mostly attracted to myself.

Mate: Fuck that shit.

Likes: Soviet Russia, cuddley rodents, Neitzsche, music: sexy rythem and blues screw remixed deep bass hip hop horror thrashing throbbing pounding crash dancing punk rock ska sludge crust core step. NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE!, Art: Pretentious, political, humanist, post-modernist, arte povera, fluxist, beatnik, "i dont fucking understand why there is a tooth brush in the light socket", All that there new fangled video art stuff. DADADADADADADADADADA, travlin, samurai anime, snow, Rainbow Dash, dancing, sculpture, climbing, humping, art, vodka, goofing off, Movies: Fight Club and Wallee, Both for the same reasons; also the mad max trillogy, star wars saga, and Eraser head, buddhism, speaking in black-english dialects, pseudo-philosophical-politico-socio-economic-existential-metaphysical-logical-emotional-psycho-theraputic rhetoric of general bull shit, voodoo, and the taste of well cooked cuddley rodents previously mentioned.

Dislikes: capitalist pig dogs,

Imnota Racist: "Saying NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER is funny"

also I dislike consumerism, fruit cakes. As well as disliking lies, fuckin people... ಠ_ಠ, sexists, traditional gender definitions, elitists (other than myself), anti-theists, nu-atheists, camels, whimps, hypocrites (other than myself), neck ties, and New York City.

what ever...
DEE troit!
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Altai Argali, Ram (with some Chernobyl mutations)
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I wish I [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] was Kermit the Frog




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