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    Apple Juice

    Funny thing is all my wholistic medicine friends are all about apple juice for its cleansing qualities.
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    just innately? I feel the same about secularism. :/
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    Need Help Naming Kitten

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    'Third Gender' option available on passports

    This is almost a necessity really especially for transgender individuals. Having lived with one for a while and observing the difficulties of their life stuck between one sex and another is compounded legally when a transgender birth certificate, state ID, or passport says their born sex but...
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    Behavioral Genetics

    Im pretty sure human psychology is mostly nurture developed. But I can only speak for my statement from personal experience.
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    Need Help Naming Kitten

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    Space , Mars , and Recolonization

    I feel offended
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    Need Help Naming Kitten

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    Need Help Naming Kitten

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    Getting involved in Second Life.

    4 simulated furry super thechnological penetration search for the GYC Gay Yiff Club if yer gay, if straight there is the IYC International Yiff Club, if you like big tits and super anotmocal three dee dog dick sex/build it yourself space search the boneyard If you like just hanging out and...
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    The one-sided focus of 9/11 - the Twin Towers.

    You dont think its entirely possible that the airforce shot down an airliner and made up a heroing story to cover it up? Its not fishy to you that the hole in the pentagon was so small when the the same size and model plane hit the wtc it destroyed them? No instead, saying something like that...
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    What Are You Reading ? The FAF Book List

    I finished the collection of short stories by murakami titled "after the quake" which is a series of short stories loosely related to each other but holding a retrospective of the kobe earthquakes as a common theme. It was pretty good. The famous Super Frog Saves Tokyo story was included in the...
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    What Are You Reading ? The FAF Book List

    cyrano is fantastic!!!!! It is my all time favorite play. "your nose, sir, is rather large!" good stuff man good stuff.
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    The one-sided focus of 9/11 - the Twin Towers.

    Probably because the plane that was taken back by the brave passengers probably wasnt taken back by passengers and was instead obliterated by an air force missile. And that the plane that hit the pentagon wasnt really a plane, i mean come on its the pentagon, its a tourist attraction too, no one...
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    What famous people have you met?

    Pissed in a urinal next to clint eastwood. Im pretty sure he was checking out my junk.