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  • Hehe Only sometimes, I tend to try to be the one to brighten other peoples days :3 Smiles lead to more smiles when you share them :3
    hehe lol Idk what to think anymore XD I tend to give out lots of free love, does that make me a weird cat? o3o
    Hehe are you saying I'm not factually correct? I can go phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on you :p XDD
    Needless to say, I never did that again, I got shut in a room for a day because of it :( But I charmed my way out of the blasted room in half the time, he had forgotten to bring the litterbox in there o3o
    Or unless you have the same problem as me when you lay on a keyboard and the static in your fur shortcircuits the computer, that makes my owner angry o3o
    Hehe Oh really? You gotta give them 'the face' that makes them wanna give you things around here :)
    But I'm not hungry now, I'm eating sweets after charming my owner enough to get me some :3 I got me some peanut butter M&M's :3 Contains little chocolate and is consumable for kitties like me :3
    roflmao But Dawn is horrible at grooming my delicate fur, she always forgets I have a static charge, then she makes my fur stick up on all ends o3o
    But I'm a lion-based pokemon o3o Does that make me unqualified? o3o I'm still a kitty like you, the worst I would do is steal some of your yarn X3
    Of course they should >:3 We're too cute to say 'no' too >:3 Especially when we know how to get the owner to pet us >:3
    I must agree. I see the red dot thing move along the floor, maybe it's a mind control device the owners have made to get us to play with them o3o
    But the swatty things and yarn... BEST TOYS EVER :D
    (Is it weird I can actually be entertained with yarn irl? XD)
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