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hey look a train!

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  • Thanks!
    Description: Blue fur with green eyes, black ears, black nose , some black lines and circles around the eyes. The body is up to you (if you don't wanna draw it because it's less work, I won't mind, cause you're doing it for free, and that means a lot for me) If you're gonna draw the body, don't make it too athletic, but not a fatty pls xD.
    I don't how to thank you this, drawing for free, you'ree so nice ^
    I'm new in the forums, so it's a bit hard to found the "reply message" option xD.
    First, thanks for welcoming (sorry if I say something wrong, I'm spanish) and thanks for being so nice ^^ I really didn't expect to see some people like you .Well, if you want to draw it for me, I would reeeally appreciate it. I'll wait your confirmation to give my fursona's description. Thanks!! ^_^
    *keeps my grip as I slowly start to stand, grabbing your other arm with my free hand and twisting it behind your back and pushing you against the nearest tree, my face next to yours, smiling*
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