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    Hiring: ($35+) Looking for NSFW couple art (humanoid)

    Hello! I'm currently in one of those moments in life in which you really need art for specific characters and are lucky enough to be able to spend a little money. Not sharing in public character refs but they are human/humanoid characters (think of humans, elves, tieflings, halflings and the...
  2. Hikarty

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) NSFW sale commissions ("a night with")

    I got this idea which is basically NSFW sale commissions, 20% off my regular prices for two characters more or less, the thing is a commission of your character along one of my characters, for cheaper than it would be. Of course you chose everything about the commission, just one of these three...
  3. Hikarty

    Not sure what to do (sites and art)

    I've lately been quite fed up with twitter and instagram, which are the sites where I share my art the most (I left deviantART when it started to go down) but between awful cropping and quality, shitty algorithms, now the whole...NFT thing in which people on twitter can use your tweets without...
  4. Hikarty

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) PWYW sketchpages starting at 9 USD

    I love sketching characters so I'm offering these! USD through paypal only PWYW starting at 9 USD, of course the more you pay the more number of sketches or more colored pieces you can get For the minimum, 9 USD, I will do a page of 3 sketches consisting of at least one fullbody and either 2...
  5. Hikarty

    Suggestions on a new sona? (or tell me about yours!)

    Thanks for sharing your story with your characters/sonas : ) ! it's always fun to have several characters and I really get that with the deciding some other species because one you like is already very common/usual
  6. Hikarty

    Suggestions on a new sona? (or tell me about yours!)

    Oh gosh that's an amazing suggestion!!! I kind of keep thinking of the mythological tanukis and kind of missing they are real balls of fluff. I thought they were kind of not so friendly though I might be confusing them with some other animal mayhaps? Thanks a lot for the idea :D
  7. Hikarty

    Suggestions on a new sona? (or tell me about yours!)

    I'm kind of wondering if I should make a new sona...I feel like the two characters I mostly draw here -one of them is my icon- are sort of like mascots maybe? like the main faces of my account? But none of them would really represent me. So I'm wondering about options and I'd love to hear any...
  8. Hikarty

    Searching for inspiring music!

    Heyo, I am currently trying to work on some homework and music really inspires me so I was wondering if you could help me here by suggesting :0! I'd love to know a music artist or two that you really like or inspires you and if possible I'd love to discover some songs with these themes! since...
  9. Hikarty

    Heyo! Finally popping up

    Yeah that's what I'm currently wondering the most! and that's ok, I mean I mostly learnt things can take quite some time and doubts and thats ok c: Also good to see you also have support and love around <3 it's super important for stuff like this and specially in weird times like now...I do also...
  10. Hikarty

    Heyo! Finally popping up

    ooooh ok thanks!! and no, it's more like female by birth but doubting with gender expression and pronouns and things? I haven't really mentioned it to anyone IRL really I think, I just feel weird because I recall seeing myself a bit more masculine (shorter hair, a loose cool shirt I got in...
  11. Hikarty

    Heyo! Finally popping up

    Thank you all c: ! I'm not sure how pinging/replying to specific people works here but @ Alys, yes I drew my profile pic, it's one of my main characters I'm drawing/using here <3 About pronouns it's just I don't know if my confusion is with gender itself or just expression (like, looking more...
  12. Hikarty

    What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

    Music is a side thing for me as I'm not focused on it but I kind of play Spanish guitar and kalimba! learning on both of these. I also got an harmonica, which I hope to learn to play soon too
  13. Hikarty

    Heyo! Finally popping up

    I've been rather lurking the forums, though not for long. I guess I'm like...not full new but still new enough to be a bit lost on forums! So hi, you can call me Onei, or Hikarty since those are the names I'd like to use here :) she/they (I have a weird doubt going on with pronouns) I mostly...
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    I have options for a sona, but can't decide on which

    I agree with person above, maybe bear, but also boar sounds very cool and fitting I think? maybe an hybrid? Or a cryptid-animal hybrid too, sounds like a fun concept and you can go wild with it!