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  • Well the idea behind it all is that a dimension runner is specially trained to convert energy and can manipulate it. Because of this a DR will open a wormhole to the chosen destination and time. Honestly i would love to see it as a large scale game but i somehow doubt I'm ever going to see that, but i can imagine you could do a lot with it.
    ok yours is pretty interesting, iv been using the FAF fabrics to flesh out shadow for the story I was going to create. Its about a human named sam who encounters the rookie dimension runner shadow during a solo mission (a class is well educated warriors hell bent on protecting every world or universe from those who wants to destroy the multiverse for religious and evil intentions). Shadow accidently unlocks the potential that sam has to travel to other worlds and is invited to join a small team of DRs to stop shadows reborn DR family from destroying the life vain...a entity which supplies energy throughout the universe, if destroyed the entire unvirse would implode on itself. Its very DBZ/naruto style but has a very comedic side to it Sewell.
    Yeah I know, but I still don't understand Americas education system.
    Yeah I can see why you wouldn't like 3D animation, very technical and less art devoted. When I said about doing animation myself I meant source filmmaker, basic stuff but works fine. Honestly, I would love to animate faf or at least my own fursona but I haven't got the foggyist of clues on how the fur would work and...im also not a 3D model artists, best I could get would be finding a Pokemon and claim its Sparta. What animation are you thinking of doing? What's the story in balamory? (you are not going to get that reference without Google)
    Nah its more like this. There is 6 years of high school and at year 4 if your over the age of 16 you can leave for college,work or an apprenticeship. The idea is to leave after the end of year 4 or S4 as its commonly known as in Scotland. Once I join the introduction class I will only be doing a 3 month course then I can move on to higher classes. By 2 years I should hopefully have my hnd and about to start my bachelors (2 years in college 2 in university) so the idea is by the time people leave the last year of high school and join the hnd level I will already be a year ahead. But yeah yours sounds interesting, 3d animation or 2d?
    i probably wont need a portfolio since im doing an introductory course (i thought it would be quicker than staying in high school). But I guess it would help in the interview.
    What are you planning on studying in Japan? You that much of a nerd or is just so you can get called senpai over there? XD
    Lucky >:| we don't get spring break...even if we did it be more like "its too fucking cold to go outside" break :V

    And....thanks for reminding me I have exams after Easter. Ah well, hopefully I'll get into college. I'm doing music technology:3

    I'm not that good at the moment but check my FA, I did make a few decent ones since you left.
    Ah you know, applying for college. Writing for faf fanfics, fleshing out a few new characters for my book or animation...yet to decide, battling the bitter feeling of loneliness and regret...the usual
    I was taking a break since the last time I submitted a story it didn't end well. I spent half an hour trying to get my documents onto my tablet and then submit them to FA but problems kept happening and I left a link into paste bucket. But im going to write something soon, the only question is what?
    I'm fine but im getting all these exams coming up and I actually have to study (throws up again)
    Its fine but its really boring and im just not enjoying myself much anymore, I need a new hobby.
    Oh yeah sure let me go grab my expensive flight tickets to America and make you corn on the cob even thought its half ten at night over here -_-

    God dammit you made me hungry.
    Hey bby you ever thought about having a nice big juicy MEAT BALL =D
    (Please don't take that in the wrong way...i meant that as innocently as I could)
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