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  • yeah I know, my brain actually said "hey that's kind of cool". so you failed to create a sparkledog because I don't hate it :p
    "sparkledog with scars"
    does not compute omg

    and tbh I'm tempted to just draw that anyway cos scars = hot
    I know. :C

    And ERMAGERD! I know that video, it is awesome!
    Someone should do a dramatic reading of Nice-guy's posts. o A o
    Hey, at least OP can now think of more scathing replies. :V
    "I think I have discovered what to design for my portfolio.
    I just need to name it something else like "iCare"."

    You need to poke me the minute something like this is real. Seriously.
    No worries man, I'm not that petty as to ask for a refund over a mere couple day's delay. :p Just can't wait to see it!
    The amount of desu is hurting my brain. And wtf is up with all these animu people in the art forums recently anyway, oh god.
    re: Agent Peacock - hahaha I love how the "anime/manga" tab is like a bajillion times longer than all the other tabs. (that may be an exaggeration)
    Yea, ill be around tomorrow night, so message me, I would like to see it finished up.
    Ha! Would you believe that's the first time I've seen it? I blame Autumn Sunrise for my name, we came up with it banging our heads together.
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