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  • I forgot about Mark Doesn't Understand Animals! I should see if there are new strips since I was last there.
    Pretty sweet. only used one once. They dont make them anymore and are super rare and expensive. They were an off shoot of fender.
    Favorite? Its between white 1, Black one or monoliths and dimesions. My User name is kinda for both the band and amps. Although unlike the band or amps you pronounce the O. Cause my friends call me Shane-O. I just thought it fitting cause i also like the band and amps.
    Been tearing up carpet and linoleum and tack strips and molding |3
    aka we got the house and it's been my full time job ever since

    Laying tile starting monday hopefully~
    but then why does nobody really ever talk to me? :V

    too much of a good thing, I can assume :VVVVVV
    like one of those raccoon hats? and does your tail cover people's faces while they're driving so they get into accidents and other fun stuff?
    It's alright. I'd hug back but I broke the asterisk key a long time ago... So -hugs- will have to to. :J
    It's pretty hectic right now. Looking for a better paying job so I can put my own car on the road. I'd be perfectly fine if little brothers didn't exist. I'm probably one of the most laid back people ever but he always finds out ways to put me in a bad mood. :(
    It always does. I have to work on Easter, and it's not paying time and a half. :(

    How are you doing? How is life, my friend?
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