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  • S'alright. I'm okay. Waiting for my brother to pick me up. Oh yeah, grandma's at my uncle's now, it was a minor stroke. She's doing okay, too. Thought I'd mention.
    They played a lot from Lift Your Skinny Fists when I saw them, which was great since it's one of my favorite albums. The did play an extended version of Dead Metheny, but that was it from F#A#. Did they only do the ATP Festival in the UK?
    Yep, they're one of my favorite bands. I got to see them in Philly a couple of weeks ago, it was excellent.
    I said weed smelled bad and weed smells like skunk, personally though I don't think skunks smell bad at all.
    Well, it caught my eye because it looked soooo cool. So, like any skinny-jeaned, old-school, Pokemon trainer, i checked it out. It's pretty sweet. Me and my friend (zeiklokato12, hes a fag that posts crappy metalcore bands) are making throwback, cartridge-style games. And that just maximized my interest in it. I call it "Pokemon ghost" though.
    You still into FairyLand's stuff? I cant stop listening to 'Dorian the Enlightened' :D
    Aw :c

    Hey, we could have each other's numbers so we can text eachother c:
    If you have something like 500MB of internet everytime you top up (which isn't enough anyway), they debit you credit (£10) so you can't then make calls >:c

    T-Mobile is awesome though, because I get ∞ internet and ∞ texts for £10, and you keep the £10 credit for calls :D
    Oh, and I got my iPhone jailbroken, so it can do loads of cool stuff without Apple getting mad and throwing a tantrum. That and I can go on T-Mo. I hate O2.
    My life's good, had a little fall out with a friemd recently, but he's coming around. I also draw a little less than I used to, but still post my faggotry on my FA :B
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