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    Where can I find new friends in the fandom?

    Well... with first few responses you see how to not make friends. And where? First ask yourself do you look for friend or uwu owo fluffy fowest friend. The latter can be found everywhere but if you look for friend? Thoey will come in time of need.
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    (CLOSED) Easy Times Roleplay server now open!

    Your friendly, daily reminder
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    Deep quotes

    Nation is great but it's people are wh**s - Marshall Józef Piłsudski
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    Post memes that you made here

    Aww that third snek is so adorable
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    (CLOSED) Easy Times Roleplay server now open!

    For everyone curious. I was kicked at the entrance by fairly rude person (not sure about their position) for asking questions and was told that my attitude was bad. That includes not being comfortable with showing the mods my other rps to "show can I do it" So if you plan to join, be careful...
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    (CLOSED) Easy Times Roleplay server now open!

    Hmmm... i might be interested
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    Which one of my OC's are you? :D

    You dare to clickbait me like that? That mean woar!
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    Tea vs Coffee Redux

    Tea is for glamorous people. Coffee is for savages
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    AMA: Fursona edition!

    I got lost on way to toilet. Would you prefer to have sausage fingers or sweat with mayo?
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    Reddit is trash

    Sponsored by 4chan team
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    Vent Thread

    Thank you. I will keep that in mind.
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    Vent Thread

    I do not want to die... It has been 26 years, I have graduated late due to sick circumstances in life, all the struggle to get my life better onlg ended up with me getting a heart attack. I still worry about finances, I still can not find happiness and if there is any progress it is so small I...
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    AMA: Fursona edition!

    The Lord Almighty knows I respect him yet with his wisdom I learned how to respect beliefs of others too. Do you know cure for hangover? Me head is blasting.