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    sorry what

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    Tea vs Coffee Redux

    I lean coffee because the only tea I have come to enjoy is some of the celestial seasonings bags and I found out that they're run by a racist space jesus cult.
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    Cool extinct lads

    Sock 'em boppers
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    sorry what

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    So many femboys -.-

    Furries don't exist anymore we're all just catboys here in 2021.
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    Cool extinct lads

    Coast is clear, time for the Anomalocaris take over!
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    hey whats up

    I love rabies!!! Welcome!!!
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    What's your all time favorite book?

    I'm flabbergasted that I ran into a favorite of mine before I posted it because I didn't expect Murakami nevertheless one of his overlooked novels. The end of the world portion specifically is up in my top 5. I feel like I have to answer this threads question by favorite for each type of book...
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    hi. i called myself Rover because my real name is stupid.

    Welcome! Bob Rover is a great name. Luckily I have a job right now but I feel you on a lot of that other stuff.
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    Boxers or Briefs?

    Oh and on other guys...briefs for sure. There's something extra charming about a guy wearing a nice clean pair of tighty-wighties too. The poll is jock strap erasure.
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    Boxers or Briefs?

    I have all the three and the majority of the time I lean towards boxers but when I am wearing jeans that are getting a little tighter on me lately (blaming quarantine...) I prefer to wear the boxer-briefs or briefs because the legs of the boxers will slide up and get bunched up when you pull up...
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    Main Site Ideas to prevent art theft on FA

    If you're concerned about your art being stolen, and I know this is a pain, but occasionally reverse search some of your art and use the all sizes tool to see where it's been uploaded on the web without your permission. As you have more and more art this becomes a pain to do for every one of...
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    show me pics of your fursona!

    At a normal computer now. Here you are:
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    Furry Anime

    Does Aggretsuko count as anime? I feel like it's more cartoon than anime. I hate metal but wound up really enjoying that series so far. I was considering looking into Beastars but I'm not sure I will enjoy it if it's predator boy meets prey girl and the narrative is about the angst of that...
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    Isis the Snake

    Nice to meet you, snakes are awesome! I have a boa IRL who has helped me fall in love with them.