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  1. Hogo

    A Very Pleasant Welcome From a Semi-Pleasant Orc

    Welcome to the forum! It's great to see a rare Orc! I tried to go furry but couldn't not have some Orc in my hybridization. Is your shaman WoW inspired or your own flavor? Feel free to DM cause I don't encounter too many Orc folk.
  2. Hogo

    Howdy Ya'll

    Welcome! Bears are of course the greatest and black bears population the mountain range I live near so <3
  3. Hogo

    Your fictional character crush

    The first big fictional crush I had was on Hellboy after watching the original movie and some of the animated short films. He's a hunky and sardonic demon-cryptid who loves cats and hates nazis, what more could you ask for? I do recall having a minor crush on Jet from Cowboy Bebop before that...
  4. Hogo

    Regreted Joining furry community

    There is no true furry community, it's a useful term sure, but "furry" is a very wide umbrella of communities both big and small. There are some a person would regret joining and others a person would be happy they joined. Just look at it that way.
  5. Hogo

    How Open Are You Being A Furry (New Fur Help)

    Unless or until my financial success is based in furry stuff, I don't openly identify as a furry to irl friends or family.
  6. Hogo

    Slight Existencial Crisis

    There's value in doing the work that goes into maintaining seperate identities if you have the anxiety about the optics in the future that you seem to. So yes.
  7. Hogo

    Things you have regretted purchasing

    -A nice insulated jacket that was on sale for $65 on cyber monday that is just a touch too small at the shoulders. -Pokemon Sword was worth maybe half the price during release. -A pan fried pizza from Dominos that broke me out in a bunch of acne for like two weeks. -MyPillow but it was a good...
  8. Hogo

    What does the person above you smell like?

  9. Hogo

    3 Most Disturbing Movies You've Ever Seen

    ^----lol the textures/CGI in Honey I Shrunk the Kids was way too detailed in a gross kinda way that I've never seen before or since. I'd have to say the Hostel movies disturbed me more than any other horror film even A Serbian Film or Martyrs or any of the other at times gorey movies...
  10. Hogo

    Your "zodiac sona" ?

    Yeah I always have to use hero forge on my PC at home. One idea would be to do an aquatic version of a cockatrice with fins instead of dragon wings and the rooster's comb being modified to look like a fish that's known to swim near the surface to make seagulls, pelicans, and other birds fall...
  11. Hogo

    Your "zodiac sona" ?

    I was worried because my solar sign is Capricorn and Chinese Zodiac is a Rooster but I am more specifically water rooster so I could easily use the upper half of a rooster and the lower half of Capricorn and be something fully aquatic. Unfortunate Hero Forge literally shuts my phone down when I...
  12. Hogo

    If you have the time, pick your favorite rough sketch.

    #2! Cool perspective and reminds me of good old tavern RP shenanigans I used to have.
  13. Hogo

    (WIP) Goblin girl finding new pet. What do you guys think?

    Goblinos <3 Looks like a big pet. :0
  14. Hogo

    RANT: Stop oversexualizing your fursonas; treat them like characters.

    There are a lot of furries for whom it's mostly sexual because they identify with anthro art because they're sexually attracted to animalistic features but prefer it on an anthro package. Aside from this, I think we shouldn't forget there's a lot of over sexualization in modern culture and that...
  15. Hogo

    What video game are you playing...

    I've been getting into Nuzlocking pokemon ever since trying it out with Pokemon Yellow and enjoying it so I am going through an easier generation (Pokemon Y) at home and Pokemon Heartgold at work during downtime hours since I have a nice DS emulator on my phone.