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  • Thanks for the company! Team Fortress just isn't as fun without my own personal spy hunting me down and sapping my buildings. =D
    (No, but seriously, let's play again sometime!)
    Here in Northern Minnesota there is a place called the iron range where they have the saw tooth mountains. They are not much like your hills though. Our flat lands, where I live, is where the great planes meets the north woods. Our cold temps are some of the coldest in the lower 48 states. Our record standing cold (no wind) is -70F but our record wind chill was -130F. Our record snow fall was set back in 2009 at 185 inches. The drifts that year were near 30 feet deep. The elevation above sea level here is 1440 feet.
    our rivers flow north. We are north of the great Mississippi river. our hills are covered with trees and great forests. We have over 10,000 lakes in this state. And the only down fall is that the Mosquitos are about 2 inches long and have been known to swarm so bad that they have killed horses.
    Yes! I have been to Scotland. I loved it! Bear in mind that it was on a Globus tour but I took my whole family over there. We got to go to a Haggis festival and saw the highlands and the battle field and visitor center where Bonny Prince Charles fought. We went to Lach Ness and edinburough and I bought a Golf cap from the woolen mills. I was surprised at how hilly it was.
    We got to meet a couple of the Gyspie vendors selling things to tourists. We took lots of pictures and it of course inspired a new book I am writing "Joshua and the Garga Tom". I loved the Scottish cows they were so fluffy! We stayed a couple of days in Inverness and The food was always better at the local places, instead of the tourist spots. We spent a whole month touring England, Scotland, Whales, and my ancestoral Island Ireland. It was great.
    if you want have dreams more sometimes taking melatonin can give you strange and unusual dreams, I take it to help with my insomnia, it is a natural sleep aid found in milk and your body makes it when you sleep.
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