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  1. Houshou

    critique wanted

    I may seem ignorant, but I truly do not understand when you mean by "Take Notes". Could you please elaborate.
  2. Houshou

    critique wanted

    Been doodling recently quite a bit and was hoping someone could give me an honest critique about where I stand and how I can improve.
  3. Houshou

    FWA 2012

    I'm going this year. It'll be my third time at FWA and it's by far, the best "ran" Con of all of them I've been to. Though I'm being unfair to Uncle Kage. AC is without equal in size and sheer mass numbers than most other con's. Something somewhere with such a large con is bound to go wrong...
  4. Houshou

    Monster Hunter Tri!

    I've been playing it since it arrived in the mail a few days ago. Please add me as a friend! MHT ID: Y3FEKA That's right, a possible Russian name for my ID. Yefeka. (`n.n) ~<3
  5. Houshou

    FA User Online System Info Reference Thread (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/PC/ETC)

    Consoles PS3 - HoushouRattengod - Modern Warfare 2 --- lv 2 Newbie - Killzone 2 - Borderlands: (Zombie Island & Underdome) --- lv 58 Mordecai - Blood Wing Spec - Dragon Age (Origins & Awakening) Wii - Name: Houshou - Number: 5455 3323 1573 7813 - SSBB: 1676 3722 0358 - Monster Hunter Tri...
  6. Houshou

    How open are you about being a furry?

    I myself, am fairly open about it. If asked I say; Yes, and God Damn proud of it too! I catch a lot of flack at work, because instead of smoking out at the smoke pit for a break, I'll take a break and draw some furry art. Usually of my squirrel self. As it's really the only fursona I know by...
  7. Houshou

    Furs By Species (Idea Taken Fron Zaaz)

    Sciurid - Flying Squirrel
  8. Houshou

    Anthrocon Post-Con Report (or: I feel like complaining)

    I'd have to say that the only problem I had, was being pulled aside and "talked" to by some random person wearing a red shirt. What was I doing, well...I was in line for the 2 & Kage 2-gether Event, and remembered my camcorder was in the Westin about 7 floors up....I got a talkin' to as I came...
  9. Houshou

    I got a good one... who else "Anthro-walks"?

    There's actually a method of running that's clinically proven to be better on your knees and its performed by "falling while standing on your tippy-toes". It's called P.O.S.E. Running. Look it up, especially those who tend to get shin splints (like I do) when they run a lot.
  10. Houshou

    Complete list of all conventions this year!

    I know its a ways out, but I'm looking forward to AC'09 this year. But next year will be even better, as I plan on attending MidFur X! (Considering its VASTLY cheaper to fly Jap-Aus). I only wish that the Japanese FurCon, was still being held. I got here a little too late...
  11. Houshou

    On Tincrash's account and the 2/26 FA Outtage.

    Wow, that hacker really did hit the Jackpot. I'm just glad the *censored* didn't have time to "cash out". As fur Tin. He needs to realize that while yes it could have been preventable with daily/weekly scans. He shouldn't beat himself up over it. No one was physically hurt over this, and the...
  12. Houshou

    Friend needs a colorist

    Thanks fur the notice. I requested to be a coloring artist fur him. I don't know if my talents are up to par with his expectations or not. But as a 'colorist' who can't draw, I am always looking fur more art to color.
  13. Houshou

    FA Brawl Codes

    Its a number that is given to your Brawl Game. When a friend inputs your code, they will be able to see if you are online. And if you are, you can play against them in a multiplayer battle, or with them in a co-op game. Much like the Pokemon DS friend codes, but for Brawl. Brawl...
  14. Houshou

    New Submissions view

    I personally like dated seperation. And viewing oldest to newest makes sense. You are viewing the oldest submissions since you last viewed your watched submissions list. Thus as you go through the list, you're seeing the newer and newer pictures and catching up with the present. Why in the hell...
  15. Houshou

    Wow! You're so Pro!

    I would have to say one of 2 games. Goldeneye64 or The Legend of Zelda, The Orcarina of Time It's hard to choose between both of them. I was such a pro at Goldeneye64, that I didn't require anything special to kill the competition. Other than a weapon, any weapon. The competition...