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    Is making my rough draft public a good idea?

    I should clarify that this is my method of doing things, and it might not be for everyone. Some of what I suggest will work for pantsers, but might be unnecessary for people who plot and outline their stories before writing. I don't plot. Before you post something, make sure you've done your...
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    I'm not going to mince words: FA's support for stories/literature is atrocious.

    So far, no furry site I've been to has anything close to decent as far as posting stories. I won't post my novels to FA because it's just plain garbage. SoFurry is where most of my watchers are because they actually "try" when it comes to story submissions, but even their upload process is...
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    Is making my rough draft public a good idea?

    What I can say here from experience is: Yes. Make your first draft public, but make sure that you revise and edit as much as you can before posting. You don't want to type something out and then throw it up for the world to see without letting it rest for a bit, going back to check for...
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    I Have Officially Retired From Writing Commissions!

    I do not offer commissions at all, though I have been asked many times. It's a good way to learn to hate writing.