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    Divisions within the fandom

    Your counter argument is not with out merit , my original position was from a position of inaction , your statement is one of action and has given me something to reflect on. I think it more of a narrow perspective than a load of tosh , i was introduced to the furry fandom way before...
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    Divisions within the fandom

    paraphiles ? i had to look that up and it makes a lot of sense the way you explained it. Is the Furry Fandom enabling extreme deviant behavior ? It would be interesting to take the time to catalog the different factions and sub fandoms with in the greater furry fandom . Taking from the tribe...
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    Divisions within the fandom

    that was brilliant , positively brilliant , in my case am definitely a hobbyist trying to be professional. From an old timer's point of view , it feels like the younger generation have been confusing the furry fandom with whatever trendy mass media thingy that got them obsessing over . they...
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    I want to draw your fan characters , want to see them done furry stile ?

    Listen up folks it going to be a big one. With the resent drama floating around Fa i was inspired to do something with all of the major Fan fandomes as one big picture . So i want to draw YOUR fan made characters . I will be taking up one or more from each category like Sonic my little pony...
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    Would anyone be interested in buying chibi figurines?

    Does that include painting and clearcoat ? How good are you at sculpting fur and extra appendages (tail , wings) Your work looks pretty good and so is your painting but the finished work looks a just a little lumpy .
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    Anyone have Trading Cards they no longer want?

    I have a massive amount of MTG stored away , it depends on what you want (rarity/value) and quantities (shipping cost per weigh) . Not to mention the amount of work and effort your willing to put in to a job or jobs , i looked threw your gallery , your work is definitely personal and artistic...
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    What is classified as a normal furry?

    kaskae's opinion is pretty close to my own pov , If your sonna is a pokemon , you just talk about pokemon , RP as pokemon , draw pokemon then your a pokefan witch is a diferant fandom than the Furry one . now am going to sound really harsh her so don't take it too personal. The difference...
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    Somewhat concerned...

    that's pretty much my experience here on FaF , if am not getting slammed for my faulty grammar then i get MODED for not towing the FaF line. I don't really depend on Fa socially and am not really stressing over the down time , just gives me more time to scribble out more stuff . It's a free...
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    Interesting Musing about the FA Downtime

    Leftist fascists don't have screws loose ? The probability of a full blown hard core sonic fanboy lurking this thread atm are next to nil anyway and even then only about 15% of all sonic fans are that bad . I could go on with multiple social psychological analysis about obsession but this is...
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    Interesting Musing about the FA Downtime

    Fanboy : derogatory , someone who is so obsessed with with a subject that he is unable to think or talk about anything else , by definition not normal. Trolling : to intentionally provoke drama at others expense for personal enjoyment (aka lolz) , technically inapplicable because no one was...
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    Interesting Musing about the FA Downtime

    There's nothing normal about sonic fanboys but in all probably considering there are way easier ,more devastating ways to crash a server , it's probably was just a hardware failure unless we are dealing with a really sneaky and angry fanboy .
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    Do you consider FA a porn site?

    Am almost tempted to flood inkbunny with Tame and mildly suggestive art . Frankly it makes me sad that ppl are surfing the furry fandom just for porn now a days.
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    Interesting Musing about the FA Downtime

    I actually thought Fa went down because some irate sonic fan wanted some payback for taking away his porn. (yay , my 200) post
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    Do you have to hide?

    for the most part i don't have to hide much , just about everybody i know has seen my "Clean" sketch book i carry around everywhere , when i talk about my stuff , it always about technique and materials . What i do have to be stealthy about is the more provocative aspect of my work , when...
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    Somewhat concerned...

    Knowing how RAID works (kills bugs dead too) , am 99.9% positive our data is safe with the possible loss of the last couple of hours. And if we lost it all ? it's not the end of the world , Being allowed to host our work for free is a privilege and a gift , not a right.