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    Looking for a particular SFW art piece!

    I feel so stupid for not saving this when I first saw it on FA. Basically though, it's art of two wolf/fox/husky anthros walking down a beach with surfboards looking out to the sunset in the distance. The wolves were center or to the left in the picture. The sunset was center or to the right. It...
  2. Hybrid Persona

    Can we PLEASE have a less annoying CAPTCHA?

    I get that bots are a huge problem, but now, the damn CAPTCHA on the main FA site is so bloody strict and obscure that even I fail it once or twice before I finally get to log in. It also sometimes takes an annoying long time when you got a CAPTCHA that makes the images slowly disappear and...
  3. Hybrid Persona

    I just want to say that I’ve left this community

    Wait, are we talking about FA or the fandom in general?
  4. Hybrid Persona

    About NSFW/PG-13 artists attitude

    Probably gonna get crucified for this, but I've never seen so many people afraid of comment sections. You guys do know you can disable them if it bothers you? I gotta say, if the worst problem you have as an artist is dealing with occasionally creepy comments in the comments section, you got it...
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    I just want to say that I’ve left this community

    If you're willing to reply here, I'd like to have a dialogue with you about this. There's things in your post that don't really make that much sense and perhaps you may be mistaken in your initial perceptions. Perhaps the biggest thing is that you have this idea that the furry fandom has a...
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    Every time...

    It's not the learning, it's the buying. Good drawing tablets are hella expensive.
  7. Hybrid Persona

    Every time...

    Actually, you probably have a good point there. I will say though that I can't see your profile. lol Don't worry about it though. I did find someone finally. :3
  8. Hybrid Persona

    Every time...

  9. Hybrid Persona

    Every time...

    "Oh hey! I really love this artist's style. : ) I wonder if they're accepting commis-" COMMISSIONS CLOSED "Damn it... " I think I'm cursed.
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    Are there any positives/negatives specific to the Furry fandom?

    Like, have you seen any problems and/or any benefits in particular with the Furry fandom that you believe or know that other fandoms don't have? Keep in mind, the issues can be anything, from the fandom tending to cause personal issues with oneself for whatever reason to more normal issues such...
  11. Hybrid Persona

    Favorite piece of art you've received and/or commissioned?

    My floofy girl: www.furaffinity.net: Rayne's Reference Sheet v1.0 by HybridPersona (NSFW) I know this is technically my first commissioned piece, but it has so very much I love about it. She's absolutely perfect.<3 Shoutout to Araivis-Edelveys.
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    what are y'alls thoughts on people posting human art to FA? :0c

    Wait, what the hell? I guess I misread the DA rules. But then... Earlier it talks about explicit themes with nudity and how those are ok. These rules are really stupid... Well, regardless of the decision-making past of FA, it's clearly a furry-oriented site, and I think a furry site should be...
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    Do you have such small desires that you cannot fulfill for some reason, but really want it?

    Actually, I was expecting something more along the lines of huge fights. :3
  14. Hybrid Persona

    Do you have such small desires that you cannot fulfill for some reason, but really want it?

    If you can't be arsed, there's tons of free modules you can find online. Or if you want a more premium experience, you can buy an official one from Wizards of the Coast such as Tales from the Yawning Portal. Me personally, I just like to research the basics of a region in the Forgotten Realms...