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    Miiverse Drawthread

    I did this instead of my homework
  2. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Unpopular gaming opinions.

    Shadow the Hedgehog was a lot of fun
  3. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Miiverse Drawthread

    Oh yeah if you don't know how to save your drawings log into https://miiverse.nintendo.net
  4. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Miiverse Drawthread

    post Miiverse doodles/names follow me @ HPAlpha
  5. Hybrid Project Alpha

    How did you learn to draw?

    I learned how to draw by first copying Sonic the Hedgehog. Then as I sailed through the internet and was exposed to many different styles I gradually weaved certain aspects of art I liked into my own style. There was a brief period 6-7 years ago where I got serious about my art and got a bunch...
  6. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Sooo... what's wrong with Sonic art and porn? o.o;

    Actually, Tails is 8 and Vector is 20 according to Sonic Channel
  7. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Gmod Furry Addons?

    GMod is the bee's knees at LAN parties Also you can find plenty of Sonic models, but not many from Sonic '06 sadly
  8. Hybrid Project Alpha

    So yeah... Dragon Ball hollywood version... WTF PICCOLO?!

    Even if this movie is good nobody's going to give it a chance.
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    Trogdor Server Shipped

    NNNNG we're so close!
  10. Hybrid Project Alpha

    The Dark Knight (Contains Spoilers)

    Re: The dark knight Yes it was an awesome movie, Heath Ledger gets reverence points for being dead, but still damn that was a good Joker
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    Who watched the Nintendo conference?

    What the Wii needs is a notification system, so when you add someone they know, so you don't have to track them down and tell them in person
  12. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Can anyone help me? Trying to draw

    http://www.drawfurry.com/ o.o
  13. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Final Fantasey 13 hitting 360

    It was supposed to be Nintendo only :p
  14. Hybrid Project Alpha

    all xfire users

    hybridprojectalpha I'm not on Xfire much, I just use it to get in touch with people who don't use MSN