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    Deja Vu

    I get it pretty often, actually. My girlfriend has started to notice too. I'll dream about an event, and I always talk about my dreams in the morning. Sometime in the future, that event happens, and she'll look at me funny because it's EXACTLY like the dream I had.
  2. Hyouhoshi

    Let's post awesome free/indie games!

    That White Chamber game is pretty creepy already. I downloaded it yesterday, played a little bit. I like it, but the voice acting for every action gets kinda annoying. Also: Knytt Stories is AWESOME. A friend showed me that a year ago or so, I thought it was really engrossing.
  3. Hyouhoshi

    Ello everyone!

    Howdy Lomb! Nice to meet 'cha. Where in Missouri are you from? I've got friends in Ozark and Columbia.
  4. Hyouhoshi

    What reason do you have for being a furry?

    I know, I really feel like that was the final step that opened up a whole new path.
  5. Hyouhoshi

    The language thread for languages

    I speak Spanish fairly fluently, and I know some phrases and words in Russian. I also know a few words of Quenya and Na'vi :D. I'm currently taking a Japanese class in college though, so I'll add that to my repertoire soon enough.
  6. Hyouhoshi

    Games with Furries?

    Untamed (male) can be lions, tigers, wolves or pandas. Female Untamed have ears and tails. It's a pretty cool game. If you play, friend Rianan or Kraino on Sanctuary server.
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    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Tag is Hyouhoshi. I mostly only play L4D and L4D2 online. Right now I'm hoping to pick up Borderlands, but most of my other games are offline, sadly. (Why doesn't Oblivion have multiplayer >:(???? ) _______________ Other games: Fable 2 NCAA Football 08 Bioshock Oblivion Pure
  8. Hyouhoshi

    What reason do you have for being a furry?

    I've always been obsessed with wolves, even as a small child. When I got older, an aunt introduced me to Native American ways, and I began to feel that I had a wolf spirit. I was on a camping trip with two friends (Kitsune_morric being one), and I had a vision where I met my spirit guide and...
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    PSP Recommendations?

    I forgot to mention some PSN games. Echochrome is a really cool puzzle game, and flOw is a neat, aesthetically pleasing game where you're some kind of sea creature.
  10. Hyouhoshi

    Furs by state/province/other II

    Mount Pleasant, MI
  11. Hyouhoshi

    Anyone play Perfect World?

    It's a free-to-play MMO made by Perfect World International. 4 races, 8 job classes, and a beautiful, completely open world. I've currently got a lvl 26 Winged Elf Archer and a lvl 11 Tideborn Assassin on Sanctuary server. http://pwi.perfectworld.com/
  12. Hyouhoshi

    PSP Recommendations?

    Naw, I think PSP is a pretty good handheld. Sony sucked (as usual) with their marketing for it, and so it gets a bad rap. I would say try out Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Patapon 1 & 2 for sure. If you like RPGs, Crisis Core is a good game. The Force Unleashed for PSP is ok, not as pretty...
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    Thanks everyone! That's what they tell me. I'm hoping to be a park ranger, and maybe teach later on.
  14. Hyouhoshi


    Hello everyone, I'm Hyouhoshi. I'm 20 and in college for Anthropology, and I'm a Wolf.