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  • If things go in the way I think they'll go, we'll totally make a kawaii couple and have like a love-hate, chick-flick movie-like relationship that'll make us millions in the box office.

    All I ask from you now is if you are ready to put Twilight to shame?
    The meat one still counts. Next time you're sad, just murder a baby cow and have a burger. It'll make you happier.

    Bonus points if you fight it first on the subway while watching sad movies and thinking about death.
    I have tried persuading them before, but I will again, my mum's a doctor so there's a little 'I know best,'. I'll try getting a blood test, cheers.
    My family's paranoid that my health would suffer evnethough it's very unlikely, so I'll discontinue eating fish when I move out.
    I've been vegetarian since I was 10, but still eat fish on occasion [so probably more accurately subscrube to pescetarianism], which makes me feel rather guilty.
    Some people don't even consider learning to be good enough sadly, they think you have to be amazing and get it all immediately and all the time, something I have yet to see anyone do. The social justice groups on livejournal, some of the people in there are willing to bully the hell out of anyone who says anything that might be if you squint perhaps possibly offensive to someone, or that doesn't follow their "bible" of social justice type behaviour.

    So the socially enlightened aren't always good to have around. :p <3
    Thank you, though to be honest, I'm not perfect and I'm still learning about these kinds of social problems myself. I think I've got a long way to go myself still. That said, the board isn't that bad, I've seen worse. It's actually refreshing to have people not either get bent out of shape cos zomg they can't stand 'political correctness' or play the "there's one right way to be progressive and anyone who isn't doing it my way deserves to be harassed" game.
    A old regular that left linked it to me saying that I should use when I had a mere 400 posts and I've used it ever since.
    oh baby, let me tell you, I could not do it justice
    I'm not Japanese enough to abandon this detestable nation
    annhiliate everything that exists
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