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  • Quite honestly, I'm not sure. I just bought a pen, looked at the letters on the paper and started writing. It didnt' even take me that long.
    Saw the thread at Rants and Raves. Hope you feel better and that things get well soon. =3
    Here's two of my talents rolled into one. It's a chart of my language's noun declension system done in my Gothic script. Enjoy. *wags tail*
    Outside of furry? Not really. I do calligraphy and I write stories for fun but that's about it. I plan to buy some software and (MORE) cables so I try and see what making techno is like. ¡Love it!

    Oh, and I'm an amateur linguist. I'm studying various languages and creating my own two, Alyat and Hjovena.
    Hmm... I was supposed to get a summer job soon but I haven't gotten the letter yet. But I might try to get one in a few weeks if I don't get that letter.
    Yup, yup, yup! Now I'm idle and bored for three whole months. No wonder they send kids to school. There's nothing else to after that. But then again, this town is kinda dull. XOP
    Haha. I'm doing good. I'm just so bored that I'm now tying pink ribbons to my tail for the heck of it. (I'm not even like that) XP
    Doing alright myself. I'm taking summer school right now for a month. I kind of like the class (basically writing for business and communication). :)
    I friend requested you......you know soo I could be your friend
    *blushes with tail between legs*
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