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  • I was thinking I'd might go to bed early tonight (~1 PST) which should be 4 your time. If needed I can stay up a bit later. I don't really have anything to do tomorrow. ^^;
    I made the same mistake I always do, and work out what's going to happen after I make my play. I get caught out in so many games for that :L
    Yup! No major fallouts or anything. Who knew someone could stand me for that long!?
    Yup! 1 of 4 winners of 5,000. I let her keep the money since it was her idea to enter and she did most of the work, I just voice acted and helped a little with editing. Plus, she's a starving art student and I'm not as poor :p. It was an amazing time.

    And you know you're always free to message me!
    I don't think it's been two years...maybe a year? It's definitely been a couple times since I've been dating Unzipped Zebra, which has been for a year and a 2/3 now.

    Life is amazing except school is a lot of work and my aunt and grandpa both died this summer, so that was a bummer on an otherwise great summer (that involved Insomniac Games flying me and Zebra out to go on a party yacht with them and us winning 5,000 as part of their contest)
    Yeah, it was. I guess I should be more sensitive. Those kids are like your age, too now. That's crazy to think of.
    Yes, but I didn't know it at first because someone hid the fact that they were a small child for most of the years I've known them :V

    Yay nuclear engineering! That's what Xipoid majored in. What school are you at?
    So busy ahhhh!

    But good!

    Finishing up my last semester in college, then I shall be a Master of Mechanical Engineering. How are you?
    let's try the normal way first. When you're ready, host a game. Gimme your IP address and I'll try joining it. Hopefully we won't need to use hamachi.
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