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  • Well when certain dreams occur and when something else reminds me of it with a simularity I naturally just have to mention it. ;)
    I once had this dream where I was in this dark room with what appeared to be the devil who was red and was wearing a green suit, well what I'm trying to say is your avatar instantly reminded me of it dispite the fact it is of a dragon rather than the devil with the same kind of green coloured suit and red scales rather than red skin.
    I've never watched Hugo, but I read the book it's based off of. I chose my avatar because A Trip to the Moon is one of the first films ever, and me being a film lover, I thought it would be fitting. Plus, I like the look on the Moon's face.
    Thanks for finding me on FA, Madk. I haven't been totally up-to-date at Esolang recently. Hopefully, this page will be deleted soon.
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